Monday, December 5, 2022

Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group Seeks Public Input on County’s Proposed Cannabis Policies


The following is a letter to the general public compossd by Monique Ramirez of the Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group:

Sunbright Gardens [Picture from Monique Ramriez]

Dear fellow Mendocino County Resident,

The Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group (CCAG) is comprised of Covelo & Round Valley commercial cannabis cultivators seeking licenses in Mendocino County. We regularly attend Board of Supervisor meetings at the County level, follow the current state of affairs in relation to our Mendocino County cannabis cultivation ordinance, and advocate for the small farmer.

The County is set to open up to larger commercial sites once the Phase 3 ordinance is passed. Phase 3 is currently on track to go to the Planning Commission in early March.

We have concerns about some of the recommendations being made by the Board of Supervisors in relation to expanded canopy allowances for cannabis. Currently, the County Ordinance 10A.17 allows a maximum of 10,000 sq ft of plant canopy in designated zoning.

Under the proposed Phase 3 ordinance, all permits would be discretionary through a land use permit process.

Three identified zoning types would be permitted to expand cultivation up to 10% of their acreage allowance.

The identified sites are in Ag Land, Upland Residential and Range Land zoning (e.g. a Range land parcel of 100 acres, if approved under the discretionary process, could obtain a permit to cultivate 10 acres of cannabis).

Many members of the cannabis industry do not wish to see this type of expansion allowed in our County. However, there are many in the cannabis industry that argue expansion is the right path forward for economic development in order for the industry in our County to stay competitive in the marketplace statewide, as well as be prepared for when interstate commerce becomes a viable path.

We believe there should be community engagement from all sides on this issue which has countywide impacts. CCAG has created this survey to ask the community at large if it is in favor of the proposed Board direction or a different allowance for expansion.

This survey will close on March 1st. The results will be shared at the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings.

We appreciate your time and request your help in distributing this survey widely to Mendocino County residents. Together, we can make a powerful recommendation that is truly representative of the values we all hold as a community.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us by email at:

Sincerely, Monique Ramirez

For the Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group


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