Distracted Driving Incident Leads to Vehicle Striking Fire Hydrant in Fort Bragg

According to Fort Bragg Police Captain Thomas O’Neal, a single vehicle traffic collision occurred near the intersection of Fort Bragg’s Main Street and Alder Street in which an SUV plowed into a fire hydrant causing water to gush into the air.

Captain O’Neal told us the driver was distracted by another person in the car which led to the collision. O’Neal said at this point water has been shut down in the area adding the City of Fort Bragg is navigating three other municipal water issues today.

Footage submitted by a Mendocino County resident reveals the collision occurred in the Napa Auto Parts parking lot and vehicle to be a green SUV. The footage shows the vehicle temporarily stalled over the gushing water and eventually gaining enough power to drive our of the geyser.

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  1. That is Napa Auto Parts and it does not look like it happened in their parking lot. It looks like it was on Main Street.

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