[UPDATES] Snow Sticking and Trees Falling on Highway 101 as Night Descends and Temperatures Drop

As temperatures drop and rain continues, snow is beginning to stick to Highway 101 north of  Laytonville and a tree has fallen across both lanes of the Willits Bypass.

Accord to the California Highway Traffic Incident Information Page, traffic is backing up after a tree fell across both north and southbound lanes of Highway 101 two miles north of the Willits Bypass. Scanner traffic indicates along with the tree down, are also nearby powerlines.

UPDATE 9:48 p.m.

The Willits Bypass has reopened to one-way traffic control as personnel from Willits Tire and Caltrans are working to remove the tree blocking the roadway.

UPDATE 10:08 p.m.

Scanner traffic indicates Highway 101 has officially been cleared of the downed tree.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page indicates Calfire has requested sand or a plow due to snow beginning to stick to Highway 101 north of Laytonville.

In southern Mendocino County, Caltrans has issued chain control for Highway 175 that connects Hopland and Lake County. Caltrans put in place chain requirement level 2 which indicates, “Chains or traction devices are required on all vehicles except four-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicles with snow-tread tires on all four wheels,” as per the Caltrans website.

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