Friday, August 12, 2022
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Mendocino County’s Roadways Clear and Covelo Residents Without Power This Morning After Snow Covers Higher Elevations

Redwood Valley [Picture from Alert Fire Camera]

Caltrans indicates there are no impediments to travel or chain controls this morning throughout Mendocino County while in over 1000 Round Valley residents are without power.

According to the Pacific Gas and Electric outage map, approximately 1,125 Round Valley residents lost power last night at approximately 9:08 p.m. when temperatures dipped as low as 30 degrees Farhenheit.

The outage mage indicates the outage was caused “by an equipment issue” and PG&E is sending a repair crew to the outage location. The estimated time of power restoration is today at 1:00 p.m.

Area of Round Valley Power Outage [Map from the PG&E Power Outage Map]

A review of the Alert Wildfire network of mountain top cameras throughout Mendocino County clearly show Mendocino County’s higher elevations received snowfall last night. Snow is clearly sticking to the upper flanks of Cow Mountain, Eden Valley, Grizzly Peak, Redwood Valley, the Ridgewood Grade, and Cleland Mountain.

Grizzly Peak [Picture from Alert Fire Camera]

The Caltrans Quickmap indicates there are no chain controls in place or impediments to travel this morning across Mendocino County’s major thoroughfares:

  • Highway 101: Open
  • Highway 162: Open
  • Highway 20: Open
  • State Route 128: Open
  • State Route 253: Open
  • Highway 1: Open
  • Highway 175: Open
Eden Valley [Picture from Alert Fire Camera]

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