Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ukiah City Council Calls for Outside, Independent Investigation of Ukiah Police Department’s Recent Use of Force Incident


The following press release was issued on the City of Ukiah’s Facebook page:

The Ukiah City Council [Picture from the City of Ukiah website]

The Ukiah City Council just concluded a Special Meeting that was called to discuss the police use-of-force incident that occurred on April 1st and the City’s response. The Council issued the following statement:

“We share the community’s concern with the force that was used by police on April 1st to detain a local resident. We have directed the City Attorney’s office to hire an outside, independent investigator to examine this incident and evaluate the actions taken by Ukiah police officers. It is important that we fully understand what happened in order to determine what next steps should be taken by the City.

“In the meantime, we believe this incident demonstrates the critical gaps that exist in the community regarding mental health and addiction resources. Despite the fact that the City of Ukiah does not receive funding for or have jurisdiction over mental health or addiction support services, our Police Department is called upon to respond to crisis situations involving these issues. We believe there needs to be community-wide solutions for addressing these challenges so that police engagement can be avoided where possible. Citizens countywide overwhelmingly passed Measure B specifically to improve the County’s mental health programs and facilities – we look forward to collaborating with the County to utilize Measure B funds to directly support first responders throughout our county. We acknowledge the attention on this challenge and will be pushing for more meaningful and expedited solutions.

“Our desire to seek better mental health resources in no way undermines our commitment to a full, fair and independent investigation of the police conduct on April 1st. We are committed to accountability and transparency, including a review of the procedures that are in place for our police department, as we move through the next steps with that investigation.”

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  1. An when the smoke clears nothing is gonna happen, the tax payers will not buy mental healthcare for druggies an drunks, or should they?

  2. HogRanch;
    Why not? Taxpayer dollars are spent on all sorts of irrelevant stuff. Investing in each other’s well being is a good thing. We’re all in this life together. If someone needs help, let’s get them help. Also, we need some jail reform. Work of some sort should be MANDATORY for any public services received. If possible. Everyone can do something. For the most part. We have a lot of entrepreneurs in our jails and homeless communities. Collecting public assistance but dealing drugs. That’s a skill right? One even the disabled/mentally ill can do. Put people to work, ESPECIALLY in jail . Give them something to do they can feel good about. It would build self confidence, self- esteem, and help people to aquire a skill set. Many people in this area are lifelong drug addicts and career criminals and never even had a legit job or education. Maybe then we would value people more. And view them as a useful part of society.Something to think about.

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