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Mendocino County Moves to the ‘Yellow Tier’; Public Health Officer Warns Residents to Not Become ‘Complacent’


Mendocino County is now within the “Yellow Tier,” the least restrictive of California’s COVID-19 tier system called the Blueprint for a Safer Economy designed to reopen business safely while mitigating viral spread. Within the “Yellow Tier,” the virus’s spread in the community is considered “minimal” and “most indoor business operations are open with modifications.”

Mendocino County Public Health Officer Andy Coren said the county’s redesignation demonstrates, “The people of Mendocino County are working hard following the guidelines for living safer.” 

Though Dr. Coren sees an opportunity to celebrate, he expressed concerns Mendocino County could see another viral outbreak as testing has dropped nearly 50% and vaccine appointments are left unfilled. He said, “This is not a time to be complacent. Residents must continue wearing our masks, hand washing, social distancing, and socializing outdoors.”

Mendocino County is the only county within the Emerald Triangle to be within the yellow tier. The state’s most recent data has Humboldt County experiencing a 3.1% 7-day positivity rate, Trinity County is experiencing a 1.3% positivity rate, while Mendocino County’s positivity rate stands at 1.2%. The positivity rate describes the percentage of all COVID-19 tests that are performed and the percent that are positive.

Trinity County’s could be redesignated into the Yellow Tier next week if COVID-19 numbers remain low for two consecutive weeks. 

Recently published COVID-19 data from Mendocino County Public Health mirrors the State of California’s data but reflects the reality the county is not devoid of the virus. As of April 27, 2021, there are 26 known active COVID-19 cases in the county and one resident is hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

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Mendocino County is one of four counties in California with low enough COVID-19 spread to qualify. The other counties are Lassen, Sierra, and Alpine County.

Four other counties could be joining Mendocino in the yellow tier next week if their numbers hold: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin, and Trinity.

Each county’s race to less restrictive tiers will prove moot in the coming month and a half after California State Governor Gavin Newsom announced that on June 15, 2021, California will move beyond the Blueprint for a Safe Economy given there are enough vaccines for 16 years and older to be vaccinated and hospitalization rates remain stable and low.

The State of California is utilizing three metrics to assign counties based on the tiered system: adjusted coronavirus rate, the positivity rate of COVID-19 testing, and the health -equity metric. Counties’ assignments change when their qualifying data sustains for two consecutive weeks.

With official redesignation imminent, here are some of the changes to COVID-19 guidance Mendocino County resident can expect within the “Yellow Tier”: 

  • Live Events and Performance Venues
    • Venues of up to 1,500 people can have a max of 25% capacity or 300 people. Capacity can be 50% of all attendees show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
    • The Yellow Tier allows 50% capacity and the reopening of saunas and steam rooms. 
  • Movie Theaters
    • 50% capacity with no limit for a total number of moviegoers.
  • Bars that Don’t Serve Food
    • Allowed to open at 25% capacity indoors or 100 people total. 
  • Restaurant
    • capacity remains at 50%. 
  • Places of Worship
    • There is no change with redesignation into the “Yellow Tier” with the state recommending capacity be capped at 50% or less.
  • Informal Social Gatherings
    •  For outdoor social gatherings, the “Yellow Tier” allows 100 to attend.
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  1. A mass global delusion. Eisenhower warned this nation about the rise of the technocratic and scientific elites. In January, 1961 the departing president gave a couple of televised addresses to the nation. One was the better known warning about the rise of a military-industrial complex. The other as stated above was the warning about a potential threat (both speeches) to our Constitutional guarantees and democratic republic. The obvious is that both are exactly what the man warned us about.

    Rather than handle the alleged epidemic as in the past without this draconian destructive new kind of protocol, the middle class and small businesses have been destroyed, forcing millions of healthy working class young people onto the dole. Our rights have been trampled. The statistics show this so-called Covid is a big threat to the elderly and hardly any threat to those under 65 years of age. And zero threat to kids. The other day Fauci stated masks don’t need to be worn outdoors. Gee, you think? One doctor stated the mask is about as efficient as putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes. The science does not support wearing masks. And what happened to the flu season. Virtually no flu this year. Gosh. Where did it go? I mean to say that if an alleged 25,000,000 tested positive for Covid, how is it no one caught the flu? But then few know what Kary Mullis had to say about how his invention should be used. He received a Nobel Prize for the PCR test. But he also stated that it was not for how it’s been appropriated. Basically it’s going to pour out false positives like a fire hose. 220,000 Americans died from the flu during the 2018 epidemic. The US population was 150,000. In 1957. 116,000 died from flu. The economy was not shut down.

    I suspect the populace will never get loose from this manufactured straight jacket. Control freaks have us right where they intended. Oh the county health czar gives us a yellow light. Let’s get all excited. Freedom is at hand. Until the fear porn is again spewed out 24/7 by the mainstream news. Oh no, a triple variant from India. Of course there is. And it will be from Brazil, Haiti, and darkest Africa. The yellow light does not turn green. It flips to red. A precedent has been set. A power shift has occurred.

    Few know about former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon and his shocking comments about this “Covid” mess. You won’t find him being interviewed on MSM or allowed to post an insightful video interview on massively censored YouTube. Nor even discussed on Farcebook. People trust authority. Few ever bother to investigate. We have at our fingertips access to all the pros and cons. Scientific papers and professional opinions are readily available. Yet, it justs easier to be fed what to think. “What you need to know” they say, believe the talking heads. Who would believe it’s a $700,000,000,000 business model?

  2. Thank you for having the courage to tell the truth. But you forgot the part about how those who are receiving the vaccine are being injured, even dying. And how over half the people now testing positive have received the vax.

    Also the part about how Pfizer itself admits there is risk of vaccinated people incubating and shedding the virus & infecting the non-vaccinated–from the vaccine itself.

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