Sunday, September 25, 2022
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The 2021 Drought Preparedness Team Invites Mendocino County Residents to Take a Water Survey of Their Home


 The following is a press release issued by the 2021 Drought Preparedness team at Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District, Mendocino County Resource Conservation District and the Mendocino County Water Agency:

Lake Mendocino low lake level [Picture from the Army Corp of Engineers]

For week 7 of the 2021 Drought Preparedness Campaign, we are inviting you to take a water tour of your home! Attached you will find the Home Water Use Survey, an easy-to-use tool to assess your home your water use. With the survey, you can:

  • Learn about your personal water use,
  • Test your faucets, showerheads, and toilets to identify waste,
  • Read your household water meter to detect leaks, and
  • Identify easy ways to conserve!

For more guidance on home water use surveys, check out these videos:

Report water waste or water theft! If you are a customer of Redwood Valley, Willow, Calpella, River Estates, Hopland, or Millview water districts, you can anonymously report water waste at

Water conservation is serious.

Take it personally.

Take action now.

These weekly messages are geared to be simple to practice by each of us. Please share this with your family, friends, neighbors, and customers to make water conservation a daily part of our lives. Water conservation is more important than ever this year.

For more information about the drought and water conservation, visit:

Thank you again for all you do to help conserve water!



  1. How much water would we have if we stop letting people hoard water for their gardens?. water that was going into a river or a creek, and now diverted to go else where.

  2. While I’m brushing my teeth with a glass of water trying to conserve , how are all the various sized marijuana grows getting water for their massive gardens?

  3. No answers, from anybody, no objections? just let them squander our water, an nobody does diddly! I think by sept there may be a different thought about water on crops, including grapes an home gardens. when your lavatory does not function, an you are buying bottled water to flush. that should bring the American out in people!

    • Amen to that HogRanch!!! I’ll race you to the bottled water aisle! I know I’m not waiting till September!😁

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