Lawyers Defending Black Lives Matter Activists Accused of Blood-Soaked Santa Rosa Vandalism Claim Crime Committed by ‘Agent Provocateur’

The following is a press release issued by Attorneys Tony Serra and Omar Figueroa:

Prominent Bay Area freedom defense lawyers have agreed to represent three Black Lives Matter activists falsely accused of leaving blood and a pig’s head at the  former home of Barry Brodd. Brodd, a former officer with the Santa Rosa Police  Department, testified as a use-of-force expert during the trial of Derek Chauvin, who  was later convicted of murdering George Floyd. Brodd’s testimony was later disavowed  by Police Chief Rainer Navarro, who issued a statement that Brodd’s “comments do not  reflect the values and beliefs of the Santa Rosa Police Department.” 

Legendary trial lawyer Tony Serra of San Francisco, known as the Hippie Atticus  Finch for his defense of counterculture figures, represents Rowan Dalbey. San  Francisco lawyer Vincent Barrientos, who has also made headlines defending high profile cases, represents Kristen Aumoithe. Well-known Sonoma County lawyers Omar  Figueroa and Lauren Mendelsohn represent Amber Lucas, a wine influencer who was  recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. 

“We look forward to presenting a vigorous defense against these false accusations of  vandalism,” said Tony Serra. “The defense will demand an open and public jury trial.” 

“The evidence will show that this is the work of an agent provocateur,” said attorney  Vincent Barrientos. “These Black Lives Matter activists are innocent of the bogus  charges for which they were arrested: leaving blood and a pig’s head at the former  residence of Derek Chauvin’s expert.” 

“Our clients are respected members of the community and we are eager to clear their  names,” said Lauren Mendelsohn. 

“We are honored to represent good people who stand up for all of our rights,” said Omar  Figueroa. “For example, my client Amber Lucas is a well-respected wine influencer and  social justice activist who sits on the Commission on the Status of Women in Sonoma  County.” 

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