MendoMoments: Gritty with Sand in a Fort Made of Driftwood

Portuguese Beach from atop the Mendocino Headlands [Picture provided by Sarah Baitis]

Sarah Baitis and her family moved to Ukiah in Spring 2020 and have “love[d] to explore the various state parks and beaches in the area.”

On May 15, 2021, she and her family camped at Mendocino Coast’s Van Damme State Park for their first time and visited Mendocino Headlands State Park. Settling into the sun-kissed sands of Portuguese Beach, Baitis said her two sons “played for hours in the sand and in the forts made from driftwood.”

Reflecting on that sunny day on the Mendocino Coast, Sarah simply said, “we’ll be back.”

This is the third running of MendoFeverā€™s newest column, MendoMoments, dedicated to showcasing the land, animals, and people that make up Mendocino County. All Mendocino County residents and visitors are invited to participate. Send photographs to including a description of what your photograph depicts, where it was taken, and any other important details.

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