Friday, March 31, 2023

Redwood Valley Man Booked for Animal Cruelty Found Covered in Blood and a Possessing a Deceased Dog in a Suitcase


This is a press release from the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On May 25 at about 3:22 PM, A Ukiah PD officer noticed a vehicle stopped, blocking the driveway of
the E. Perkins St. Chevron. The officer initiated a vehicle check and contacted a male occupant who was
identified as Aldar Fragoso. Fragoso was uncooperative and exhibited bizarre behavior. Fragoso had red
stains on much of his clothing as well as congealed blood in the center console of the vehicle. Fragoso was
not cooperative and concerns grew for the subject’s safety as a bloody pair of pruning sheers was located
and removed from the vehicle.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department deputies, Paramedics, Firefighters, and Mental Health workers
all responded to the scene, but could not gain compliance or cooperation from the subject. MCSO
deputies had contacted Fragoso earlier in the day and informed UPD officers that he had a dog with him.
When asked about the dog, Fragoso said he did not have a dog. The sheers were presumptively tested on
scene and were positive for blood but negative for human blood. Fragoso’s bizarre behavior and the scene
led mental health and officers to detain the subject for further evaluation.

Fragoso’s vehicle was parked in a position that it blocked the driveway and was out of gas. A tow truck
was called and an inventory search of the vehicle was conducted. UPD Officers located Fragoso’s
deceased dog in a suitcase. The MCSO deputies who had contacted him earlier advised that it was the
same dog they saw alive during their earlier contact. Based on the described circumstances and the
evidence on scene officers charged Fragoso with animal cruelty and he was booked at the Mendocino
County Jail.



  1. Please please please do not release this nutjob back out into our communities. This time an innocent animal.

  2. This was my dog… He was stolen by my ex and given to her son.. Aldar… The cops would not give my dog to me. Awful.. Tony Maples

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