MendoMoments: The Super Flower Blood Moon Descends Behind Duncan Peak

The Super Flower Blood Moon descending below Sanel Valley’s Western Horizon [Picture provided by Vernon Hamilton Budinger]

Celestial events remind us of our collective humanity. Turning eyes skyward, Earthlings are trapped in the liminal space between modernity and ancient times.

In the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday, May 26, 2021, the Super Flower Blood Moon shined down on the residents of Mendocino County. Its psychadelic-60’s-band-sounding name stems from the convergence of three separate lunar phenomena affecting its appearance

Hopland resident Vernon Hamilton Budinger arose in the darkness to capture the strange sight of the moon-turned- ochre. He managed to snap a shot of Duncan Peak’s silhouette as the eclipse waned and the moon descended below the western horizon.

[Picture provided by Vernon Hamilton Budinger]

This is the fifth running of MendoFever’s newest column, MendoMoments, dedicated to showcasing the land, animals, and people that make up Mendocino County. All Mendocino County residents and visitors are invited to participate. Send photographs to including a description of what your photograph depicts, where it was taken, and any other important details.

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