Friday, August 12, 2022
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Arizona Resident and Willits Man Found Possessing 4 lbs of Meth and 3 lbs of Cannabis


This is a press release from the Willits Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Friday evening, May 28th, 2021 at approximately 6:45 PM,  Officer Angell of the Willits Police Department conducted a  traffic stop on a vehicle in the 800 block of S. Main  Street. During the traffic stop, Officers located  approximately three to four pounds of packaged  Methamphetamine within the vehicle and about three pounds  of processed Marijuana. 

Travis Ninnemann of Arizona was identified as the driver of  the vehicle. His passenger was identified as Julius Gruber  of Willits. Travis Ninnemann and Julius Gruber were  transported to the Mendocino County Jail and booked on the  following charges of; Penal Code 182(a)(1), conspiracy to  commit a crime, Health and Safety Code 11378, possession of  a controlled substance for sale, Health and Safety Code  11379, transportation of a controlled substance for sale,  Health and Safety Code 11379(b), transportation of  Methamphetamine for sale, and Health and Safety Code  11360(a)(2), transportation of Marijuana for sale. 

Travis Ninnemann is a (36) year old male and a City of  Maranna Arizona resident. Julius Gruber is a (58) year old  male and a City of Willits resident. 

The Willits Police Department would like to thank all of  those persons involved in this case for a job well done! 



    • This person is somebody’s loved one. It sounds like you knew him but did you ever take the time to pray for him? He is out in eternity now in his eternal condition. But you’re still here. And I’m saying a prayer for you tonight. Because Jesus loves you. And none of us have to die lost, lonely, or addicted.God bless you. ✝️

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