Thursday, November 30, 2023

Mendocino County Issues Updated Masking Orders


The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:

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The risk for COVID-19 exposures and infections will remain in California beyond June 15th, and the continued use of face coverings helps prevent COVID-19 transmission. California’s updated Face Coverings Guidance is summarized below. The purpose of this guidance is to protect those members of our community who are still vulnerable (those who are not vaccinated, children less than 12 years old, and those who are immunocompromised). For those people, wearing a face covering properly protects themselves and others, particularly in indoor settings.

Current Orders for Mendocino County follow the state guidelines:

  • Everyone must wear face coverings in the following settings:
    • On public transit and in transit hubs
    • In hospitals
    • In nursing homes and long-term care facilities
    • In homeless shelters, emergency shelters, and cooling centers
    • Indoors in K-12 schools, childcare, and other youth settings
  • Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear face coverings in indoor public settings and businesses such as retail, restaurants, theaters, meetings, and state & local government offices serving the public
  • Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear face coverings in these settings. Any business may still require face coverings if they choose

Business owners/operators and venue operators have 3 choices to comply with
this Order and they should post whichever method they use:

  1. Require everyone to wear face coverings
  2. Allow vaccinated people to self-attest that they are vaccinated
  3. Use a method of verification for vaccinated people such as showing their vaccine card, a photo-copy or digital proof

No person can be prevented from wearing a face covering. People who are exempt from wearing face coverings include:
• children less than 2 years old
• people who have a medical or mental health condition or disability
• others (including hearing impaired) for whom a mask would cause an increased risk

In workplaces, employers are subject to Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Standards, and should consult those regulations for additional requirements.

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  1. Mask mandates for those who refuse to put an experimental jab in their bodies is unconstitutional! Come and make me, Andy Coren you quack!

  2. It’s my understanding that even with the vaccination, you can contract (catch) Covid AND spread it to others. You can still get sick and in some cases still die from Covid even after getting fully “vaccinated”. These facts don’t make me want to run out and get vaccinated.. I definitely have my reservations about this entire pandemic AND vaccine. And the fear factor surrounding all of it. Watch and pray people! Maybe making decisions influenced by fear isn’t the best idea. We shall see…There’s just too much we don’t know.

  3. Also, I’m not anti-mask. I wear one when I go out into crowded public spaces. I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer when I can’t. Mostly I just try to avoid the aforementioned scenario. I go and shop. I try to get in and out. When I don’t feel good I stay home. But I have the luxury of doing that. For the most part.

  4. Vaccination does not protect 100%. More like 95% with Pfizer and Moderna. But the remaining 5% get MUCH less sick and have significantly lower viral load and contagion. Prepubescent children have inherent physiological resistance- probably due to the lower count of “Ace2” receptors in their cell walls that COVID exploits. These receptors are more numerous with blood pressure woes such as Diabetes or Smoking. In short, vaccinated folk and children are very low risk of serious illness and low risk of getting sick at all.

    Afraid of the mRna vaccine? J&J is a conventional type. But less effective.

    Masks dramatically reduce spread from infected folk. Irritating and uncomfortable, but good snot wad catchers. At this point the only folk at risk predominantly are those who are brainwashed by their Chinese misinformation and that China’s lab fumble is just a big hoax. Free to speak, free to think, free to be wrong and find out the hard way.

    At risk folks will always be with us, and facing similar threats from all sorts of pathogens. Idiots will also remain at risk. At this point that is their prerogative, as vaccines are readily available. Will they bog our limited ICU infrastructure? Well yes. About 1 in 5 across the demographic board wind up hospitalized. And shocking numbers of the young and healthy are winning the stupid prize of permanent organ damage- heart, kidneys, lungs.

    Schools? Teachers who won’t get vaccinated have no business around children. And children should not be punished for politically driven fake science from Public Sector Unions that behave like PACs instead of educators.

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