Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Fort Bragg Citizen Commission Seeks Public Input on Changing the Name of the Town


The following is a press release issued by the City of Fort Bragg:

Noyo Harbor [Photograph by Judy Valadao]

In 2020, in response to requests to change the name of the town, the City of Fort Bragg formed a Citizens’ Commission to evaluate options and recommend a way forward. The Commission has been meeting regularly and has created a forum for public input through a community questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to offer residents a way to share their thoughts with the Commission. The answers collected will not be used to make statistical conclusions and will be archived.

We welcome all input from residents within the 95437 zip code. To have your input considered, please respond by July 31st. If you prefer to hand-write your response, look for a paper copy in your July utility bill, print this form, or pick one up at City Hall. Paper forms can be dropped off at City Hall (416 N. Franklin Street).



  1. Leave the name as is…. Changing the name would be just symbolic for something the people of Fort Bragg had nothing to do with and aren’t…

  2. The world and the times we’re living in RIGHT NOW bear a striking resemblance to MATTHEW 24:10 Where it states that many will be OFFENDED. People are offended about EVERYTHING nowdays! It also talks about (teaser) lawlessness….check it out in The Holy Bible (Old or new King James Version is the one I personally recommend) Matthew 10. I already know I’ll be attacked for this post because that is ALSO written in Matthew 10! Where does all this madness end? Is there even any hope for mankind at this point? Lots of questions. And if you’re looking for answers, check out the Bible. We have ears but don’t hear, eyes but don’t see…

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