Citizens for Sustainable Agriculture Argue Against Cannabis Ordinance Referendums

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[Logo from the Citizen’s for Sustainable Agriculture website]

Citizens for Sustainable Agriculture is a newly formed group of concerned citizens that includes legacy cultivators, processors, traditional farmers,  environmentalists, winemakers, business owners, and non-profit leaders who share one objective: to protect the recently passed cannabis ordinance from referendum. We believe that the new ordinance provides needed environmental and neighborhood protections, as well as a  viable future for local farms. 

While we are hearing reports of signature gatherers for the referendum effort making  unprovable claims like “sign here to keep big corporations out of Mendocino” the reality is that a  successful referendum will have the following effects: 

  • Repealing newly adopted environmental protections like bans on water hauling and site specific environmental review. 
  • Repealing requirements for public hearings with neighborhood input for all new cannabis  cultivation sites. 
  • Causing hundreds of small, legal farms to go out of business by terminating local  permits. 

Success of either referendum threatens to effectively shut down the legal cannabis industry and we join Mendocino Cannabis Alliance in strongly opposing both referenda. We believe this would be a disastrous step backwards for our community. We welcome all those who care about the future of this county to get involved or endorse the effort to protect the ordinance at 

CSA Steering Committee: 

  • Shawna Jeavons
  • John Schaeffer 
  • Heath Dolan 
  • Dr. Amanda Reiman 
  • Joshua Keats – CSA Treasurer 
  • Leo Buc – Campaign Advisor

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  1. If flow canna is having their vp of community development write a letter posing as a regular citizen maybe the legal cannabis businesses should be shut down

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