Hopland’s Shanél Valley Academy Invites Families and Students to Enroll

The following is a press release issued by the Shanél Valley Academy:

Shanél Valley Academy is excited to open its doors to students and families for the 2021-2022 school year. With a newly renovated campus, a peaceful rural setting, and a mission to serve the unique needs of Mendocino County’s kindergarten-6th grade students, Shanél Valley Academy formally invites any families ranging from Ukiah to Kelseyville to Cloverdale to become part of our learning community.

It is vital families enroll as soon as possible so Shanél Valley Academy can hire the appropriate number of teachers and staff to support our students. For families looking to enroll in this free and exciting education opportunity, go to our website at or visit us in person at our office located at 1 Ralph Bettcher Dr. Hopland, CA 95449. Sign up now and please share this unique opportunity with other families. 

Shanél Valley Academy sits 100 yards off of Highway 101 providing a perfect location for families that commute north or south. Imagine being able to drop your children off on the way to work, and picking them up as you head home.

Shanél Valley Academy has brought on veteran Mendocino County educator Eric Crawford to be the principal of our new school. With 26 years of education experience and a special focus in agriculture, Mr. Crawford will provide our learning community with the stability and skills to bring SVA’s vision to life. 

Mr. Crawford said, ”I am very excited to be able to help to bring the dream of reopening a community school in Hopland to fruition. Our focus on Project Based Learning, Personal Learning Plans for every student, and emphasizing STEM principles will make Shanel Valley Academy a very special place for young people to get their education. I am also excited about being able to have the children of many of my former students at the school.”

Shanél Valley Academy is dedicated to providing a learning experience that reflects student needs and celebrates diversity. Innovative learning opportunities for students at Shanél Valley Academy will include access to outdoor education, project-based learning, native and community school gardens, science, agriculture, technology, engineering, art, and math integration, with strong support for multilingual students. Students will enjoy food provided by the same service that provides Facebook with meals.

Along with students, Shanél Valley Academy is seeking educators interested in contributing their expertise to a dynamic, collaborative, and community-based educational model. For any educators looking to play an integral part in serving the students and families of Shanél Valley Academy, go to the school website at and sign the “Becoming a Teacher” petition. 

  • In the interest of full disclosure, I, Matt LaFever, live nearby Shanél Valley Academy and wrote this press release for them.

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  1. Is the website right? I just want to make sure everybody gets to the proper one. Webkink says Sanel but the article says Shanel. Can you confirm?

    • Originally it was “Sanel.” Then, it was changed to incorporate the Pomo word for the valley, “Shanél.” The URL spelling was never changed.

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