Cannabis Code Enforcement News: Grower Pays $100,000 in Fines for Illegal Cultivation

Mendocino County’s Code Enforcement began publishing cannabis code enforcement efforts in May 2021. MendoFever will be republishing these releases for the public.

(UPDATE) In the third week of June of 2021, The Mendocino County Code Enforcement Division conducted an investigation regarding non-permitted commercial cannabis cultivation at the 3500 Block of Laytonville Dos Rios Road.

The Code Enforcement investigation confirmed that commercial cannabis cultivation was occurring in non-permitted structures without a County Cultivation Permit or State Cultivation License.  The responsible party refused to abate the 450 cannabis plants being cultivated and Code Enforcement subsequently issued Administrative Citations with penalties as follows:

1.) $520 per day for non-permitted structures used for commercial cannabis cultivation.

2.) $1,000 per day for violations of the Mendocino County Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance.

3.) $90,000 (450 plants x $200 per plant) one time penalty for non-permitted commercial cannabis cultivation.

As of 6/23/21, the responsible party voluntarily abated the 450 cannabis plants. During the course of the investigation an additional 1371 non-permitted commercially cultivated cannabis plants were discovered, and voluntarily abated on 6/24/21.

On 7/9/21 the responsible party paid $102,640 in administrative penalties for the continued commercial cultivation of cannabis in violation of County Code. All illegal commercial cultivation of cannabis by the cultivator on this property has been abated as verified by inspection.

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