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Fort Bragg Resident on Changing Town’s Name: ‘Quit Wasting Time and Money Trying to Satisfy Someone’s Idea of Political Correctness’


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Fort Bragg City Council

Regarding the name change for our town:

What kind of lunacy are we committing by even having our city council consider such an act?

Fort Bragg was established in 1857. Well before the civil war. It was named for a General involved in the Mexican-American war, not some Confederate War acts.

We have no Confederate statues to remove. We have no Confederate flags to lower from our flag poles. We have a town named Fort Bragg. That is all.

I would estimate that the majority of our residents have no clue of the history of its name, and probably all the first time tourists only want to know where the fort is.

You want to change names because of some misplaced notions, Then why not change the names of Washington state and Washington D.C. – they were named after a slave owner. Or all the names of California towns with Spanish names? San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, — on and on. They were named by Franciscan priests who enslaved Native Americans. Indiana because it might upset some Native Americans.

Where do you want to stop this idiocy?

How about here and now?

Quit wasting time and money trying to satisfy someone’s idea of political correctness.


Brent Anderson
(707) 964-1832



  1. I can easily see both side of the discussion. As a person with citizenship in both Canada and the USA I have carefully watched all of the happenings with Native schools in Canada. As I taught on a native reserve I grew to deeply love the people and culture and to at the same time feel the pain they felt from all the reminders of their history with whites. On the flip side the author makes a good point about how many names will we change? I for one would be greatly offended if my town was named after some person who seriously hurt my family. Yet It will be expensive to change the name. Is there a way to educate and learn from the past instead of erase it? What if many of the streets over time were named after people who were Black heroes/solders/spies etc for the north?

  2. Matt, I don’t think legally you can post phone numbers of letter writers on a public forum, unless they gave you the okay.

  3. very well said, how long are we going to put up with rioting in the streets, burning police stations, and all this “woke” bullshit???

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