Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Skunk Train Smokes and Sputters in Fort Bragg Due to Exhaust System Fire

The Skunk Train Engineer attempting to extinguish the fire [All pictures provided by MendoFever’s Coastal Correspondent Judy Valadao]

Scanner traffic starting at 3:41 p.m. indicated an engine of the renowned Skunk Train had caught fire while on the west end of the track in Fort Bragg.

Fort Bragg Fire Department Battalion Chief Stu Graham told us the fire was an exhaust fire and contained to the engine. At this point, the Skunk Train’s mechanic and engineer have taken over the incident.

A Skunk Train car stuck in the intersection of Bush Street and Franklin Street

The engine came to rest near the intersection of Fort Bragg’s Bush Street and Franklin Street where Fort Bragg Fire responded. Bush Street was blocked temporarily due to the incident.

The Skunk Train engineer and mechanic are going to let the engine “cool off” before attempting to restart the locomotive and maneuver it back to their maintenance shop, according to the Incident Commander

The Skunk Train engine near the cemetery


  1. this is how a train works when going on super short trips and never really getting the carbon out of the exhaust system. how come every guy with a diesel truck has to have a catalytic converter and egr system to reduce emissions; but the stupid train can run a gross emissions trains right through residential fort bragg?? and cry me a river about tourism… they use gross amounts of water while residents foot higher water bills… residents inhale the gross emissions from the train… residents pay well north of 4 bucks a gallon to sit in traffic for stupid rail bikes??? we are being played people!!

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