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Laytonville Domestic Violence Results in Shots Fired, Woman Strangled, and Firearms Confiscated, Says MCSO


This following is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 07-19-2021 at about 10:17 PM, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a call of a domestic violence incident which had occurred in the 900 block of Woodman Creek Road in Laytonville, California.

While responding, Deputies were advised an adult male had used a firearm during the incident but an adult female had been able to flee the location.  Deputies subsequently learned the following in summary during their investigation. 

The adult male, Casey Riggs, and the adult female have two children in common from a prior dating relationship.

On 07-19-2021 after all of them having dinner together in Ukiah, an argument began over child custody. Riggs took the children and went to his residence located in Laytonville.

The adult female followed and as she pulled in the driveway, Riggs came over to her car and began kicking the driver’s door numerous times which caused visible damage.

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The adult female exited the car and the pair continued to verbally argue in the driveway.

Riggs reportedly pushed the adult female against the car and hit her in the face several times. Riggs then put his right hand on the adult female’s neck and began strangling her but finally released his grip.

The adult female was going to leave but Riggs demanded she stay and she complied based upon fear. The pair continued to argue when Riggs reportedly grabbed the adult female by the hair, pulled her through the house into the backyard. Riggs then took her cellular phone and threw it off into the distance. The adult female was able to get away from Riggs and tried to find her phone. 

Thereafter, Riggs obtained a rifle from inside the house and pointed the rifle in her direction before shooting it twice. Riggs stepped closer to the adult female and brandished a .45 caliber semi automatic pistol.

Riggs pointed the pistol towards the adult female’s head and discharged it over her shoulder. Riggs made threatening statements and the adult female was able to get to her car to leave the area.

Riggs grabbed a rock and tried to break the windows of the car prior to jumping on the hood of the vehicle as she tried to leave.  Riggs fell off the hood and the adult female was able to leave the area. 

While investigating the incident, Deputies noticed Riggs driving up and down the Highway looking for the adult female. Riggs was contacted in downtown Laytonville and taken into custody without incident.

Deputies then responded to Riggs’ residence to conduct a welfare check and located the children in a safe condition.

Deputies noticed three firearms in plain view along with ammunition. The first gun was a loaded SKS type rifle just inside the front door. The next was a loaded pump action rifle outside by the back door. The third was a loaded .45 caliber semi automatic handgun in an open drawer in the bedroom where one of the children was sleeping.  Deputies further noticed a large variety of ammunition in the residence. 

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Deputies learned Riggs was prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition due to an active restraining order.  A records check also confirmed two of the firearms were reported stolen previously. 

Riggs was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $150,000.00 bail.

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