MendoMoments: A Glass Beach Squirrel Gets Ornery When It Does Not Get a Snack

Sarah Baitis was approached ever so graciously by a squirrel while visiting Glass Beach. Initially approaching with it doe-eyes, paws out, and ears tucked in, it was clear to Baitis he was “eagerly anticipating that I would feed him.”

In a moment, the squirrel’s countenance shifted to something akin to a teen denied their Tik Tok when Batis had no food to offer. The squirrel instantly transitioned from a story-book creature to a figure in an Edvard Munch painting with its face locked in a silent shriek and body trembling in the wake of a promised snack that proved unfounded.

Baitis told us a ranger at Mackerricher State Park said the squirrels have grown agitated during the lockdown last year missing their people and their food and were becoming “known to jump into people’s cars out of desperation.”

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  1. My cat acts the same exact way when he doesn’t get his “special” treat each day! He literally throws a huge fit and starts thrashing the house! Knocking over lamps and knocking items off of tables! I thought it was just generations Y and Z that had entitlement issues. It’s the animals too…..sheesh!! šŸ˜¾

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