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Mendocino County Experiences Two COVID-19 Deaths in One Week as the Delta Variant Smolders Amongst the Unvaccinated

Mendocino County’s COVID-19 Dashboard from 7/30/2021

Last night, Mendocino County Public Health announced another County resident has succumbed to COVID-19. This makes for a total of 52 Mendocino County residents that have died from the virus and the second death in under a week. It is worth noting the 50th death occurred nearly two months ago on June 5.

A press release from MCPH disclosed that the 51st death in the county was a 73-year-old man from Willits. We expect a similar disclosure of information shortly for the 52nd death. 

During last week’s COVID-19 media update Deputy Public Health Officer Noemi Doohan announced that five cases of COVID-19 in the County were attributed to the Delta variant.

In a statement to the Mendocino County public, Dr. Coren said over the last month the county has seen “the average new COVID cases triple from 3.7 to 11 per day and the number of people hospitalized has almost tripled from 5 to 14.” He characterized this rise as “numbers we have not seen since the terrible surge last winter.”

Mendocino County’s dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases is sparking reinstated masking mandates in both Fort Bragg municipal buildings as well as Point Arena.

As to the Delta variant’s role in this rise of cases, Dr. Coren stated that the strain “is twice as contagious, spreading to more people faster than we’ve seen before.” He said the variant, “mostly targets the unvaccinated people but even vaccinated people who are immune-compromised (advanced age, some illnesses or medications) are at risk.”

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During an update to the Board of Supervisors on July 14, Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren said recent cases of COVID-19 in Mendocino County are occurring within the unvaccinated population. He added that many cases are “asymptomatic.”

According to the latest COVID-19 Dashboard, 141 Mendocino County residents are in isolation after testing positive for the virus, six are hospitalized, and five are in the intensive care unit. The dashboard is still utilizing the California Department of Public Health’s colored tier system to give residents a metric as to how the county is doing and based on the most current numbers, Mendocino County is in the “purple tier,” which would have been the most restrictive tier before the state’s reopening.

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  1. Personally, I’m feeling concerned that people who do “catch” Covid or the Delta variant of it who are vaccinated and are asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms may be spreading the virus and not even know it. Because being vaccinated made a lot of people think they were /are “safe”. Why don’t the statistics above tell us how many documented cases are vaccinated vs. not vaccinated. We know the unvaccinated are catching and spreading the virus. But if the vaccinated can catch & spread it and possibly not even know it, then how do we really have accurate statistics? And how can we really blame it on the unvaccinated? Does this concern anyone else? Maybe that’s how that nice family in Humboldt contracted it. None of the people I know that are FULLY vaccinated are getting Covid tested since being vaxxed unless they’re having a medical procedure done. Not even when they feel a little under the weather or are coming down with a little something.

    • The reality is that the Virus is here to stay it will never be “Extinct” like Small Pox etc. This is because it rapidly mutates. If you are concerned that you may get the virus more easily in areas where people are vaccinated due to having had the shot then you need to look at the map for infection rates and compare it to the map which shows rates of vaccination. You will see an inverse relationship meaning that the higher the vaccination rate the lower the infection rate. Many people are using all kinds of scare tactics to politicize this whole mess but in the the virus could care less if you like Trump, are a Never Trumper, like Biden or Bernie, Or like me none of the above as I am a middle of the road conservative. Political people and People online who make money from Click bate are making a ton of money from stoking fear. As this virus mutates over and over again, at some point it will not only be more contagious but more lethal. The choice is very simple get vaccinated or in the long term risk getting a more lethal strain. On the flip side the whole thing may well come down to worn out Doctors and Nurses saying I QUIT! in states where people refuse to get vaccinated.

  2. Mr. Whitey-

    Thank you for your service to our community.

    That is true. The vaccines are less effective against the delta variant, dropping from 95ish down to 88ish percent efficacy at preventing symptoms. Those who present symptoms do so due to viral load and immune response related symptoms. This viral load is almost always less than that of a person who is un-vaccinated, but much fewer vaccinated individuals will generate these viral loads at all. Recent “breakthrough” variants that are being reported in Massachusetts being a possible exception. Serious illness remains quite rare among the vaccinated. For now.

    As to the article? Highly misleading. Cherry picked data paints a false overall picture.

    Two-shot US vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna remain the most effective, and Chinese vaccines the least effective.

    In short, the vaccines reduce, but do not eliminate illness. They also limit severity, and reduce spread. Vaccination remains our most effective tool, though this situation is quite fluid. New variants almost certainly will diminish the current efficacy of American vaccines.

    To our “Local” friend, symptoms are generated predominantly by immune response. And immune response tends to be indicative of viral load. So the asymptomatic folks, with lower viral load, are *substantially* less contagious than symptomatic folk.

    Unfortunately the dominant political and social powers have fueled bitter and entrenched distrust with punitive abuse of authority against our political minority neighbors. Now we all reap the benefits while oppressors preach to the choir with further punitive approach rather than to seek middle ground and cease attacking those whom they disagree. “Wedge issues” are the root problem that drive as a symptom of a greater sociological illness carrying even greater consequence, that will exacerbate the next disaster as well.

  3. mr zombie am i to presume that you are virologist? the delta variant is bravo sierra to shut us all down yet once again and maintain control. i hope your stab works out well. better get yer 3rd booster right quick. be sure ya gits the the gates 060606 nano tech flavor. haha. Dr Malone thinks otherwise on his stab…maybe you should look him up.
    ps i didn’t cherry pick a thing, much more for you to learn. get educated, or become the fauci/gates solient green (new deal)…. in the end, i don’t really care. good luck to ya

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