Friday, August 12, 2022
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Ukiah Streetscape Update: Paving is Complete


The following is a post published on the Ukiah Streetscape Project Facebook page:

State Street from above [Picture provided by Ukiah Streetscape Project Facebook page]

Tonight, we finish paving! The final striping is still a couple of weeks out, so it’s very important that we all drive slowly and be aware of possible traffic changes. For example, there is no longer parking on one side of West Perkins (on the Schat’s side) or on West Standley (next to the restaurants). Please do not park in the travel lane. Flashing red lights should be treated as stop signs. There will likely be construction crewmembers working in the center of the street (for the work described below), so please use extra caution during work hours.

Need a refresher on the project, or curious what the final striping will look like? Check out our website:

Construction Overview, Week of August 2

Monday-Friday: The final layer of pavement will be done…and we’ll be cutting back into it. One of the reasons the streets are so smooth right now is that we’ve paved over the utilities and manhole locations. (No, that wasn’t a mistake.) Now, we’ll need to cut those openings back in and “raise the irons”—build the infrastructure back up to the street level. It will take about 7-10 working days to complete this work throughout the entire project area, and will be temporarily noisy at each site as the asphalt is cut.

New trash cans will also be installed. Other miscellaneous finish work will occur throughout the project area.

On the south end of the project, the Electric Utility Department will be removing wires and transformers in anticipation of removing those remaining poles.

Looking ahead: On the week of August 9th, the remaining old light and traffic signal poles will be painted black to match the rest of the project. Around August 12th, we’ll be adding special treatments to the primary intersections—stamped asphalt, and doing the final striping throughout the project, which will include the left turn lanes.



  1. Going be a massive cluster of traffic jam on the daily, complete disaster. But I digress, I’m just a taxpayer, and since I’ve not met even one person in two years who agreed to this plan, liked this plan, or wanted their money paying for this plan, our opinions as taxpayers clearly don’t matter. (hmm our money does though….)

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