Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Mendocino County’s Universal Masking Order Began Yesterday


The following is a press release issued by the City of Fort Bragg:

Effective August 10, 2021, Dr. Andy Coren, the Mendocino County Health Officer, has mandated the wearing of face coverings in indoor public settings by all persons, regardless of vaccination status. The new Health Order issued on August 5, 2021, requires that face coverings be worn in all public settings, venues, gatherings, and workplaces, such as, but not limited to: offices, retail stores, restaurants and bars, theaters, family entertainment centers, schools, daycares, and State and local government offices serving the public.

Acceptable face coverings include a cloth mask (of 2 or more layers of tightly woven cloth), a hospital grade, or N95 or KN 95 mask. Exemptions from the mask mandate include: 1) persons working alone in a closed office or room; 2) persons actively eating or drinking; 3) persons swimming or showering in a fitness facility; 3) removal of mask while receiving care or services; 4) persons under two years old; 5) persons with a medical, mental health or disability condition that prevents wearing a mask; 6) hearing impaired individuals where ability to see the mouth is essential for communication; and 7) persons for whom wearing the mask would create a risk to the person related to their work.

Dr. Coren cites the spread of the Delta variant, which is highly transmissible in indoor settings, the stalled vaccination rate in Mendocino County, the significant increase in new daily cases of COVID-19, and the increased hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients as the basis for the new mask mandate order. Questions on the new order and masking mandate should be directed to the Mendocino County COVID-19 Call Center at (707) 472-2759 (M-F, 8:30am – 5pm).

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  1. questions – what specific test is used to determine c-19? is it the PCR test designed by dearly departed Dr. Kary Mullis? how is the “delta” variant tested for and distinguished from the good old vanilla veed? it has been admitted by cdc/fauci and more that masks are not effective, so why the mandate?

  2. a few more questions.
    a. If the tests work, then why the false positives?
    b. If masks work, then why the 6 feet?
    c. If 6 feet works, then why the masks?
    d. If all 3 work, then why the lockdown?
    e. If all 4 work, then why the vaccine?
    f. If the vaccine is safe, then why the no liability clause?

  3. From someone who has had covid and is now vaccinated. I will gladly take a shot to the arm and a day feeling down then ten days laid up feeling like I was dying and risking the elders I live with being hospitalized. The vaccines technology has been around for years, the virus is new. No science is perfect. No medicine is perfect, that’s why it’s called a practice. Masks work if people actually wear them when they are unvaccinated, 6ft works if people actually follow it, the test is a science(see above), and the vaccine only works if people get it. But the problem is the unvaccinated aren’t wearing masks, no one is happy with 6ft, and there’s too many people panicked about two shots to the arm….. it’s a wonder that the human race has made it this far…… I pray the next generation does better then this.

  4. sickofstupidpeople – hey me too! not understanding your logic.

    why did you get the stab if you claim to have had the virus. you should already have achieved immunity. can you show specific science on how the mask really stops the virus? interestingly the stab doesn’t appear to be working out all that well.
    VAERS data from a a few weeks ago reported over 12K Deaths attributed to c-19 shots thus far (one of those close to me). it is my belief that that number is on the low side.
    these shots are not FDA approved and forcing folks to take them is in direct violation of the Nuremberg code.

    it sounds like you blame the unvaxed. but now it appears you (the vaxed) still get and spread veed just as readily as the “unclean” (witness provincetown, MA and the TX dem assembly plane ride). should the unvaxed be getting their star of Juden and arm tattoo now???.

    fear not – i’ll even pray for you.

  5. All of this, is completely devoid of logic and we tip toe once again into totalitarian control. This is a war on consciousness and if we don’t rally together and resist this completely illogical practices, we doom our future generations. At this point, you have to be completely indoctrination to not see the obvious signs of government not being on your side, and setting up their next tier of surveillance state right in front of their eyes. Stop believing in the fear propaganda. Resist!

  6. Local ALERT!! Apparently I need to USE a different identity while commenting on this site. THERE IS ANOTHER LOCAL? Lol…God Bless….My advice is Psalms 91!! The above comments by some “other” Local are not from me. I am doing all that i can to protect myself and others. And honestly, going to God in prayer. We all in this together and we should do our very best to care about this and one another.

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