Structure Fire in Laytonville

At approximately 7:20 this morning firefighters began a response to a reported structure fire in Laytonville. The structure is reportedly located on Briggs Lane.

Laytonville Fire Chief Sue Carberry confirmed Laytonville Fire Department personnel are on scene and said that an outbuilding and vehicle are “fully involved.” She added there is “no extension into wildland.”

A Laytonville resident told us approximately one mile away from the fire they could hear explosions and ammunition as a result of the fire.

UPDATE 8:36 a.m.: Laytonville Fire Chief Sue Carberry has confirmed that firefighters are now mopping up the structure fire and would be committed to the incident for approximately one more hour.

UPDATE 12:07 p.m.: A single engine from Laytonville Fire Department is returning to the site of this morning’s structure fire after reports emerged of a small fire igniting in the debris.

Please remember that this story is unfolding. Information is being reported as we gather it. However, some of the information coming from witnesses and initial official reports could be wrong. We will do our best to get the facts but, in the case that something is inaccurate, we will update with correct information as soon as we can.

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