Friday, August 19, 2022
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Mendocino County Dispensary Announces Novel Cannabis Contest


The following is a press release issued by KURE Wellness Group:

For Russell Green, founder and CEO of three Mendocino County-based dispensaries, a continuing dream is  showcasing, marketing and distributing top-grade, county-grown cannabis flowers to a broader audience.  

“Despite the fact that Mendocino County cannabis has name recognition, very little of our high-grade products  are sold south of Sonoma County. To address this issue, we have created the Kure Mendocino Invitational- a  consumer-driven contest where customers vote to determine premiere county cultivators.”  

The idea for the Invitational is simple. “Come harvest time, we will accept entries from local, licensed farms.  The first 28 entrants that meet our high-quality standards will be entered into the contest. Kure staff will do the  heavy lifting- testing, packaging, manufacturing and marketing the flower.” 

The Invitational kicks off on September 10th with a farmers-only informational supper held at Kure’s Lake  Mendocino Drive store. “We will introduce ourselves to farmers, present the concept of the event and  encourage farmers to sign up.” Interested attendees should contact Kure to RSVP. Kure will begin accepting  high-grade flower for consideration from October 1st to December 31st. All 28 entrants will be featured in a  commemorative booklet, and all 28 strains will be sold at Kure outlets and to regional partners. 

“In February 2022, we will have 28-gram ‘sampler’ boxes available for purchase by the public. These samplers  will contain 28 individual grams from the top 28 farms. We believe the public drives the cannabis market. We  respect their opinions and want them to have a say in identifying our region’s superior cannabis.” 

Customers will have the entire month of February to judge the cannabis and submit their votes to a confidential  online portal. “Once we’ve tabulated the winners, we will host an elegant dinner party for our farmers and their  guest on April 1st, 2022. We want to keep this event simple, safe and focused on the people who are responsible  for growing what is arguably the best cannabis in the world.” 

“We hope there is enough interest to replicate Invitational event throughout the year,thus providing our  farmers with reliable outlets to sell their wares, generating much-needed revenue and credibility for our county while creating a fun,  memorable event for our customers and supporters,” Green concludes. 

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