MendoMoments: Surfer Rides a Wave Under the Blood Red Sun of Smoky Skies

A surfer looking savage at Big River Beach [Photograph by Eric Burch]

Willits resident and local photographer Eric Burch sought refuge from the inland smoke and heat last Wednesday, August 18 and found himself on Big River Beach.

There, he said the “North Pacific was alive.” Burch said Buoy 46014 of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration registered “9 foot swells out of the northwest with 10 second intervals” which brought the local surfers out to play.

Burch watched the surfers score “pretty decent waves” paddling under a slightly smoky sky darkened by wildfire smoke blanketing the region.

As the hour grew later, Burch said “the surfers enjoyed a bountiful session until the blood red sun set.”

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