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Prominent Local Realtor Arrested for Charges Including Cruelty to a Child and Violent Sexual Crimes

David Charles Ryan [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Booking Logs]

WARNING: The following story describes crimes of a sexual nature that some may find disturbing.

As per a listing in the Mendocino County Sheriff Booking Logs, 56-year-old Ukiah man David Charles Ryan was booked into the county jail on Saturday, August 28, 2021, for several charges of a sexual nature. Those charges include “touching of intimates parts of another against their will,” “anal or genital penetration by a foreign object,” cruelty to a child, and burglary.

David C. Ryan is a prominent name in the Mendocino County realty scene, according to his LinkedIn profile. In his “About” section on LinkedIn, Ryan states he has been selling homes in Mendocino County since 1988 and grew to sell multi-residential and commercial properties. Ryan, as of late, had been working as a Realtor at Windermere Platinum Real Estate Services.

Todd Schapmire, a Managing Partner of Windermere Platinum Real Estate Service’ Ukiah field office, told us, “W Real Estate has been informed of the very serious charges against Mr. Ryan. We have made an immediate decision to terminate our affiliation with him.”

Regarding the burglary charge Ryan faces, Section 459 of the California Penal Code describes burglary as the “act of entering a structure (residential, commercial, or any other type of property) with the intent to commit grand larceny, petit larceny, or any other felony.” Civilian use of the word implies some sort of theft took place, but the legal definition does not require theft.

A booking log published by the Ukiah Daily Journal on June 1, 2011 indicates Ryan, then 46-years-old, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol and subsequently booked into the county jail for driving under the influence.

Another booking log published by the Ukiah Daily Journal on April 19, 2012 states Ryan was arrested “on suspicion of grand theft” and violation of his probation.

The context and background of the most recent charges remain unclear. We have reached out to Ukiah Police Department for comment regarding the arrest because they are the investigating agency. Also, any and all charging documents that could get filed by the Mendocino County District Attorney this week regarding the circumstances have been requested. 

Also, with due respect to the potential victim of the circumstances described, it must be stated that the charges contained in the booking log have not been proven in a court of law. In accordance with the legal principle of the presumption of innocence, any individual described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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  1. You forgot when he was arrested for breaking in or using a key stripping naked and the woman he just sold the house to woke up to find him over her.

  2. Is he actually going to pay for his crime this time?? Why has the local PD been SO easy on him? He’s obviously a predator!!! I have known about his sociopathic nature for many many years. This man needs to be LOCKED UP!

  3. If there is other victims they should speak up and sue this guy! They should go after him and have him convicted.. he obviously has a problem.. rumor has it he uses his property management company to prey on women..

  4. Wow!!!! & They will most likely give him a slap on the wrist 🤬 Why has he been walking free w/ all his priors?! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

  5. This is disturbing. As a victim, I have firsthand knowledge of his sick behavior. The statute of limitations has long run out yet I will do all that I can to see that he goes to jail.

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