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Albion Road Resident Spots the Redbearded Burglar Snooping Around Their Vegetable Garden


The following is a press release issued by the Fort Bragg Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Suspect in Burglary & Officer Involved Shooting in Elk, California
Suspect Identified: 
40 year-old male
Photo Date:  08-30-2021
Location:  31000 block of Middle Ridge Road in Albion, CA
[Picture and Caption provided by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office]

On 08-30-2021 at approximately 7:30 PM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a concerned person who had contacted an adult male in their vegetable garden (at residence) located in the 31000 block of Middle Ridge Road in Albion, California.

The adult male left the property on foot after the conclusion of the contact and his physical description matched that of William Evers.

Deputies responded to the area and were checking a neighboring property at approximately 10:30 PM, which contained what appeared to be an unoccupied residence.

While the Deputies were checking the rear outside area of the residence, they heard what sounded like a person running out the front door.  A check of their patrol vehicle dash camera system developed the attached photograph which is believed to be William Evers.

Additional Deputies and personnel from the Mendocino County Multi-Agency SWAT Team responded to the property.  The personnel conducted a search of the area overnight which ended unsuccessfully in locating Williams Evers.

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The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind the public that William Evers should be considered armed and dangerous. 

Anyone who observes suspicious activity or possible sightings of William Evers, especially those persons who live/visit Middle Ridge Road in Albion, are asked to immediately notify the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office by calling 707-961-2421 for non-emergencies or 9-1-1 if it is an emergency. 

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  1. Try lookin’ up into the trees next time guys. All he does, is climb up real high and watch y’all lookin’ for him. You cops, with all yer hi tec gear and guns, are now the laughin’ stock of the community. Ya’ll can’t catch a little hobo?

  2. I agree wit da deputy, How long does it take to do a twenty minute job. cops guns dogs gps hoppty copters, 3 or four law enforcement agencys. daily photos of him on peoples porches. EVERYBODY is laughing!

    • The cops these days probably aren’t very motivated with all of the disrespect given to them daily from people like you. Hopefully William breaks into your house next and washes and dries his balls on your shower towel.😁

      • There is no disrespect, but if i did my job like they are doing their,s i wouldnt have a job, Do you work? if you do you will know exactly what im talking about. this is not political. then you will have to tell your employer, i was lookin for a job when i got here!

    • Yes I work my a$$ off just to give the State of California most of my profit. I or others don’t need to be burglarized by our government and The Red Pubed Burglar at the same time. I can’t stand thieves and I do hope he caught.

  3. I suspect that they may be exaggerating the circumstances about his being dangerous so they can treat it like another Aron Bassler type situation & kill him for making them look like fools.

    • So, are you saying that even though Evers did not threaten the owner of the horse, the stolen garden vegetables are worth shooting and maybe killing a man over?

      I dare say the scales of justice would be very imbalanced in that scenario.
      And may be a fine method should the shooter want to go to prison for a long time.

      This isn’t Texas.

      • Nobody said anything about killing the garden thief, he needs to be in a safe place with 3 hots an a cot, not out ransacking homes, an tents! i bet you would squeal if he tossed your residence.. And be on the band wagon for his capture.

      • Hog,
        Did you read Manchester’s question? Maybe not.
        Forgive me, but I don’t see what else they meant by “Why doesn’t the property owner do him in?”.
        Any suggestions? I’ve only heard that phrase in reference to games or violence…and this isn’t a game.

        I’ve been self strapped into the bandwagon to catch him from the start of his exploits E of Ukiah.
        Of course I would call 911 on him…in a hot second.
        Not sure where you misunderstood anything I said that would even slightly indicate otherwise.


  4. Belive it or not Ca has a castle doctrine. but if you were only to shoot or even capture this gentleman there are lawyers out there that would turn the whole story around an it would be the owners fault, even if your dog was to go after this guy an injure him, you need insurance. i had to purchase a policy to that effect. sounds crazy huh

  5. Ok….but I do still think Manchester was referring to “doing in” Evers over some onions and beets.
    That’s not a justifiable move under CA’s version of castle doctrine or most states for that matter.
    If there’s no threat or the threat ends then the right to respond with violent or lethal force is void.

    I’d prefer if my own neighbors understood that.
    What’s a bunch a beets n onions worth?

    • “Whats a bunch of beets and onions worth?” It all depends on who you ask. That may be the only food the gardener has for their family. In the times we are living in that may be a fact of life for a lot of people. So yeah, shooting somebody for stealing your food may be justified depending on the circumstances in my opinion.

  6. You know people where im at disappear, in fact hundreds since1970, and they are never seen again, cars that are abandoned and never picked up. just gone! i will bet that the courthouse in ukiah has along list of missing persons. this happens all the time. moral of the story is if you steal an ransack even if its a penny,s worth, you could find your self gone, just moms memory. at anyrate its for the land owner an the perp to figure out. The cops arent putting this very high on their list, probably wishing that he will just go away. and who knows it may happen.

  7. Why do BOTH cops go to the back door and leave the front door ungaurded and available for escape? Pitiful police work. Go Willy!

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