Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Arson Determined to be the Cause of Fires at Fort Bragg’s Otis Johnson Park

The Fires in Otis Johnson Park [All photographs and videos provided by a Fort Bragg resident who was at the scene]

On the evening of August 25, 2021, Fort Bragg Fire Department extinguished two vegetation fires that occurred at different locations within Otis Johnson Park. Captain Thomas O’Neal of the Fort Bragg Police Department confirmed that an Arson Investigator determined that both of the fires were “intentionally set”

When firefighters arrived on scene the night of August 25, scanner traffic indicated one of the fires was 15×15′ burning in a group of redwood trees burning near the park’s parking area while the other was further into the park at 50’x50′.

Captain O’Neal told us that the “two fires were started using either a lighter or matches and vegetation from the park” and there was no evidence of combustible liquids identified.

As to the ongoing investigation, Captain O’Neal told us the investigation elicited “two significant pieces of physical evidence” that are still being processed. Also, Fort Bragg Police were able to ascertain three surveillance cameras near the area but Captain O’Neal said the footage “did not capture the suspect(s).”

Captain O’Neal did confirm that there is an active transient camp in the area of where the fires began, “but there is no evidence to link the two at this time.”

If any Fort Bragg residents believe they might have surveillance footage of the are the night the fires occurred, or have any information to offer, contact FBPD at (707)964-0200.

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