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Mendocino Coast Resident Recounts Finding the Redbearded Burglar Pilfering Onions and Beets

The Many Faces of the Redbearded Burglar, aka William Evers, released by Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office as they have searched for him for over half a year

For the first time since the hunt for the Redbearded Burglar began in February of this year, a Mendocino County resident recounts their encounter with the elusive renegade who has successfully hidden from the long arm of Mendocino County law enforcement for over six months. During the span of those months, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office accuses Evers of burglarizing multiple residences and at one point firing upon deputies.

According to a press release issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office yesterday, the most recent encounter with 40-year-old fugitive William Evers, the man dubbed the Redbearded Burglar, occurred near the 31000 block of Middle Ridge Road in Albion, California on the evening of Monday, August 30 when a concerned party reported contacting “an adult male in their vegetable garden.” 

The concerned party, who requested to go unnamed, said they were on the property where they board a horse. Their attention was drawn to a rustling noise when they were walking near the garden. They described thinking “it was a bear at first” only to notice the gate to the garden was in fact open. Thinking the owner of the property was there, the concerned party stuck their head into the garden area to say hello and found a stranger there instead. 

Taking in the scene, the concerned party told us the bearded man in the garden “seemed kind of sad,” “unassuming,” and “looked hungry.” 

The concerned party told us, “It’s hard to feel threatened by someone holding a fistful of onions with beets hanging out of his pockets.”

When Evers saw the concerned party round the corner, they told us he looked embarrassed and said, “My Bad.” The concerned party told him, “If you had asked..you might have been given some veggies, but you are stealing, so leave.” After that, Evers reportedly left. 

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Evers, living out in the wilds of Mendocino County since February, looked “scruffy” and wore “dirty clothes,” the concerned party told us. They compared Ever’s current condition as looking like any number of down and out people you see pushing a cart over the Noyo Bridge or hanging out by the Hospitality House in Fort Bragg.”

At first, the concerned party told us they were not going to contact law enforcement. But, after speaking to the landlord of the property and inquiring about the individual they saw on social media, contacted the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

The Redbearded Burglar captured by a patrol car dashcam fleeing the home on Monday evening [Picture from MCSO]

Regarding Evers demeanor, the concerned party said resolutely he “was not scary.” They said “he seems to only target vacant homes” and they did not “want to increase his reputation as dangerous.” They expressed concern over someone in the community choosing to “shoot this guy.”

The reporting party was not on scene when MCSO deputies responded to the property Monday evening at approximately 10:30 p.m. While checking the area, deputies “heard what sounded like a person running out the front door.” Upon review of one of the patrol car’s dash camera systems, Evers could clearly be seen exiting the home and subsequently fleeing into the night.

The Redbearded Burglar has eluded capture since February of 2021 where he was first reported on private property in the hills west of Ukiah. 

On the night of May 12, 2021, Evers allegedly shot at deputies who had responded to a cabin he was reportedly burglarizing. 

On May 19, 2021, he reportedly stole a rifle from a cabin in Philo.

On May 25, 2021, MCSO was able to successfully identify the Redbearded Burglar as 40-year-old William Allan Evers, a man wanted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for criminal threats. He is described as “as a white male adult, 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 180 pounds with brown eyes, brown hair and reddish facial hair.” Other notable features include “a skull or skulls tattoo on his right upper arm, “Demon face” tattoo on his upper left arm and unknown prominent tattoo on his chest.”

It should be noted the press release states, “The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind the public that William Evers should be considered armed and dangerous.”

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MCSO asks, “Anyone who observes suspicious activity or possible sightings of William Evers, especially those persons who live/visit Middle Ridge Road in Albion, are asked to immediately notify the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office by calling 707-961-2421 for non-emergencies or 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.”

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  1. It is helpful to know he is still around. I am concerned that the Police showed up and were not diligent enough to cover both entrances to the property and so the story goes on. I am sure Mr. Evers is quite warn out by this time as being on the run and robbing gardens must be stressful. I have to wonder about his mental health and like so many people I see who seem to be down on their luck they seem to be more in need of medical help to get them out of their current situation and allow them to become happy people.

    • Honestly I would full on support giving anyone veggies who needed or wanted veggies. I do hope if they have to grab him they just tranquilize him and figure out what’s really going on.

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