Monday, May 16, 2022
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Ukiah Skate Jam Brings Music, Food, and Professional Skaters to All Ages


The following write up for the Ukiah Skate Jam Event was provided to MendoFever by Carter Lane:

[Poster provided by Carter Lane]

On September 25th, The City of Ukiah along with our esteemed sponsors will present the first UKIAH SKATE JAM, a day of skating, music, art, and food! This all-ages event will be held at the Ukiah Skate Park and will feature 6 local bands, skate competitions with prizes, skate demos from national professionals, local food vendors, and the unveiling of the new Ukiah Skate Park Mural!

This has been an idea of mine for years now. I envision it becoming a summer concert series but we are going to start with this one show and see how it goes first. Maybe next year we can expand. I’m happy to partner with The City of Ukiah Rec Dept to put it together and thank you to all our sponsors! Drew Nicoll Home Selling Team, The Bray Family, Yokayo Ranch, Stickytips Graphics, Ukiah Valley Athletic Club, Mendocino County Sheriff Dept, UUSD and Pryce Board Shop



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  2. Some dude hanging from a cross with nails in his hands with stigmata and a bloody crown of thorns isn’t disturbing? And his dad sent him to that cross to experience DEATHHHHH!

  3. Love makes sacrifices. God didn’t nail Him to the cross. Roman soldiers did that. But His love for humanity held Him there. Yes, I find it very disturbing that us humans would “hate” Jesus enough to nail Him and stab Him in the side and smash a thorn of crowns into His head just for bringing a peaceful message to humanity that would reconcile us to God the Father. I’m glad you asked.


    It’s really NOT that ” out there” .

    Talk to people who served in our armed forces ,willingly.

    They put their lives (literally) on the line for a country full of people most of whom they did not know and have never met.

    Some did pay with their lives. And that is why we have the freedoms we have now. Because they sacrificed.

    We should all ask ourselves today…am “I” willing to put my very life in jeopardy so that we in the USA can preserve freedom for our children?

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    Are we watching our freedoms disappear right now? Because we are too busy fighting each other to see the bigger picture?

    Always so much to think about. But if we are baked out ,we aren’t paying attention.

    Be sober, Love God, be united, indivisible, humble.


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