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Mendocino County Code Enforcement Abates Eight Cannabis Gardens in Willits and Laytonville Throughout July and August


Mendocino County’s Code Enforcement began publishing cannabis code enforcement efforts in May 2021. MendoFever will be republishing these releases for the public:

Willits & Laytonville – Months of July and August 2021 – Multiple non-permitted commercial cannabis locations identified; plants abated after Code Enforcement engagement.

Post Date: 09/08/2021 3:30 PM

 Action Dates: 07/27/21 – 08/23/21

In addition to what was previously reported in our last News Release, in the months of July and August 2021 the Mendocino County Code Enforcement Division conducted investigations regarding non-permitted commercial cannabis cultivation at the listed locations below in the Willits/Laytonville areas. Any cannabis cultivation over the Medical or Adult Use exemption limit (as defined in Mendocino County Code Section 10A.17.030) is considered to be commercial cultivation. Please see the Mendocino County Code (MCC) Section 10A.17 for additional information.

Code Enforcement investigations confirmed that commercial cannabis cultivation was taking place at these locations without either a County Cultivation Permit or a State Cultivation License, and/or cultivation was taking place in violation of MCC Sec. 10A.17 requirements. It was determined that there were significant community quality of life concerns in these neighborhoods. The responsible parties abated the cannabis plants after Code Enforcement engagement.

7/27/21 – 26000 Block of Maize Drive – 69 Cannabis plants abated

8/12/21 – 6000 Block of Big John Road – 90 Cannabis plants abated

8/17/21 – 4000 Block of Branscomb Road – 20 Cannabis plants abated

8/17/21 – 54000 Block of Wildwood Drive – 33 Cannabis plants abated

8/17/21 – 41000 Block of North Highway 101 – 49 Cannabis plants abated

8/23/21 – 3900 Block of Second Gate Road – 331 Cannabis plants abated

8/23/21 – 3700 Block of Ridgewood Road – 84 Cannabis plants abated



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