Monday, June 27, 2022
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Three Unvaccinated Mendocino County Residents Succumb to COVID-19 Including the Youngest on Record for the Area at 36-Years-Old

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Yesterday, Mendocino County Public Health announced three more county residents have succumbed to COVID-19 marking a total of 67 who have lost their lives to the virus.

The 65th death was a 36-year-old unvaccinated Ukiah woman, according to Public Health, and is the youngest resident whose death is attributed to COVID-19. The 66th death was an unvaccinated 47-year-old man from Ukiah. A 43-year-old unvaccinated Covelo man is considered the county’s 67th death.

These deaths are occurring amidst the backdrop of the Delta variant surging, considered highly transmissible especially in unvaccinated populations, as Mendocino County Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren has expressed on multiple occasions.

In light of the rise in deaths and the Delta Variant, Mendocino County Public Health asks the public “to exercise caution when placing themselves in situations that could expose them to COVID-19, especially considering the new more infectious Delta variant.” In terms of protecting oneself from the virus, Public Health suggests “Vaccination, masking and social distancing remain the best options for combating the Covid-19 Virus.”

As per the latest information offered by Mendocino County Public Health, the county’s Daily Positive Cases is 41.03 which would be considered in the “Purple Tier,” a reference to the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Purple Tier was the designation for counties with the highest number of cases and as a result would face the most stringent COVID lockdowns (closing schools, gyms, etc.)

There are currently 16 Mendocino County residents hospitalized and 8 in local intensive care units after coming down with COVID-19.

As to Mendocino County residents’ vaccination rates, currently 49,806 residents are considered “fully vaccinated” averaging a vaccine efficacy of 99.508%. Mendocino County Public Health is reporting a total of 245 post-vaccinated infections.



  1. Where are the obituaries for these precious souls?

    I continue to ask this question.

    People have trouble believing this is true because there’s no transparency!!

    Where is the info? Let’s put a name on these statistics! Where are obituaries in general.

    I’m not that old ( not that young either) but obituaries were always posted in the news.

    I go to because I don’t get any info elsewhere. But there’s no obituaries for the Covid deaths there.

    Who are they? The.homeless population that die on our streets?

    Take for instance the man found deceased behind Ross in Ukiah. Anyone know his name?

    • Could not agree more. There are no increased funerals here in Covelo. This is a very odd “pandemic.” One never is informed about what test is used to determine the “Covid” designation.” Is it PCR? It can only issue false positives according to Kary Mullis, the inventor. Of these alleged “Covid” deaths, how many were admitted to hospital with already existing terminal illnesses? Here is how that works: A patient is admitted with terminal cancer. He catches a “cold.” On the death certificates rather than list the cancer as cause of death, the “cold” is listed as cause. Ask Dr. Birx. She stated this was their new plan. Of course it’s cooking the books creating a pandemic where there is none. Regarding these deaths, we do not know how many are “variant” caused. Did you know it’s illegal for public health to tell a patient (case) which “variant” one has contracted. It’s true. And very odd. Finally, how many new cases, hospitalized, or deceased are already vaccinated? Are they dying from vaccine trauma? All we hear is the unvaccinated are the creation of all the alleged “Covid” misery. I want more accountability. More details.

  2. Thank you… I wish people would post them . So we can say goodbye. Read stories about their struggles and victories. And just remember them. We are all going to die one day. There’s no shame in that.

  3. I absolutely agree. Obituaries about these COVID deaths would go a long way towards community understanding of the effects of COVID. I read obituaries because I feel it is important to know someone’s life story. But I never see any obituaries for Mendocino County residents who died from COVID even though 67 residents have.

    • I can understand why some people may not want to share their loved ones obituary when it comes to COVID. People have become very mean over the subject. Who want to see negative comments about their loved ones after death? Every time a death is announced there seems to be someone criticizing them for having comorbidities or that their death is fake. On the other side there has been name calling because the person wasn’t vaccinated. That can be very painful for families to go through.

      • Obituaries of my friends and family members have never given an actual cause of death. It is such a difficult time when you lose someone. In my experience it’s not about how they passed that we honor but how much they’ll be missed. Also, of course family and friends will how they died and is not really anyone else’s business. IMO

  4. The CDC tracked all breakthrough cases until the end of April, then abruptly stopped without making a formal announcement.

    “Although COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at preventing serious illness and most cases are occurring in unvaccinated people, it is important that the CDC remain vigilant and transparent in its surveillance of breakthrough cases,” writes Senator Markey in his letter for CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. “The American public must be informed of the continued risks posed by COVID-19 and variants, and public health and medical officials, as well as health care providers, must have robust data and information to guide their decisions on public health measures.”

    Time to share ALL data and ALL information to the public to understand. Not just partial information and tucking away crucial info that the taxpayers have every right to see.

    South Carolina is providing vaccinated breakthrough data, California should too.

  5. maybe it is not about the obit. maybe it is about the truth and a release of the “medical determination” be it autopsy or otherwise. who do we believe anymore in this narrative? we hear all of these death reports, that jack up the public emotions, and they seem to be exclusively “un-vaxed” in this county, as they are being “reported”. for me it’s hard to believe, as the rest of the world is reporting an entirely other situation, with the vaxed seeming to be the majority of those catching the veed, look at Israel and the situation there as they push for the 4th stab. it is becoming real clear that the shot is not the solution, rather, it is their “plan”.

    • You are absolutely correct. Everywhere on the planet the vaxxed are dropping like flies while the unvaxxed get the blame. Has it yet dawned on the mass psychosis taking place that the vaccine is an EXPERIMENT. There are many excellent medical professionals not in the grip of big pharma and the public health mafia who say beware of this vaccine. Search them out on rumble, Bitchute, brand new tube. Forget YouTube. Dr.Charles Hoffe, Dr. Hodgkinson, Dr. Geert Bossche, Dr. Michael Yeadon, and thousands more who are sounding an alarm about the serious side effects that contrary to the schmooze, are not rare. Many thousands are dead here in the US. Over 1,000,000 injured, many seriously. If one strictly tunes in national media, one will know zero about what really is going on.

      • Natural Immunity – in those who’ve already had Covid19 – is proving to combat mutating variants better than those partaking in this experiment. Moreover, those who took the MrNA Gene therapy jab have spike proteins looking for that 1 viral variant (McCollough), while the healthy without the jab are warding off multiple variants. The approach taken by health officers across America reeks of propaganda, but this definitely a topic for another time. The numbers games played by these dystopian agencies (CDC, HHS) are driving the fear agenda and flagrantly neglecting Scientific Method, particularly with respect to natural immunity.

        Vaccination is not equivalent to immunity. Just because a jab incites an immune response, it does not make one immune from said disease, hence the need for boosters. The Covid jab immunity explanation is odd and lacks scientific vigor. For example, person one gets a single jab, has terrible reaction, doesn’t get 2nd jab. This person is considered unvaccinated. Then person two gets both doses but must wait 2 weeks after last injection in order to be considered “fully vaccinated.” Why? Person two dies before the two weeks, this person is counted as unvaccinated even though two doses were given. Why? Further still, comorbidity and risk factors are well known. These are rarely talked about in health orders or mandate discussions. Is it driving propaganda? But what is worse, inflating Covid numbers by counting those dying “with” and “of” as the same and increasing numbers thus bringing me back to the issue of comorbidities. Seems like a shady way to collect data. What is the recovery rate? 99.97? How does this equate to a pandemic? When we consider worldwide death counts, comparing 19,20,21 where are the excess deaths?

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