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Gunshots in Ukiah Neighborhood Lead to School Lockdown on Friday Afternoon


Multiple reports of gunshots near the 700 block of Ukiah’s South Dora Street on the afternoon of Friday, September 10, 2021 led to a lockdown of a local elementary school and a significant law enforcement response.

Ukiah Police Department Lieutenant Andrew Phillips told us the incident involved two separate vehicles in which one occupant shot at the other. He explained investigators are working to determine the identity of the suspects, whether anyone was injured, and the motive for the shooting.

Initial reports received by dispatch indicated two vehicles were involved in the shooting incident, “both of which fled prior to officers arrival in the area,” Lieutenant Phillips explained. As a result, Ukiah Unified School District independently “initiated a lockdown at Yokayo School, due to it being near where the gunshots were heard.”

UPD investigators arrived on scene and began to interview witnesses and review video surveillance. Lieutenant Phillips told us they determined “that a vehicle that was occupied by at least two subjects stopped in the area, a subject exited the vehicle and shot at another vehicle that was passing by.” Subsequently, both vehicles fled the area where investigators recovered expended bullet casings at the scene.

A short time later in the afternoon, “one of the vehicles that was involved in the shooting was located at another location.” Lieutenant Phillips said detectives arrived on the scene a did not locate any subjects related to the incident.

The investigation was complicated by three other priority calls for service that occurred during the same time, Lieutenant Phillips explained. Those calls include a DUI traffic collision, a hold-up alarm at a local bank, and an assault in progress. Lieutenant Phillips expressed gratitude for the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office deputies that assisted as the police resources were strained. 

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Lieutenant Phillips said detectives continue to investigate this incident including whether there were any subjects injured as well as the motivation for the shooting.

The approximate location of the gunshots on Friday afternoon

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  1. Sean, despite my skepticism, I’m going to take your comment in good faith and start from the place your comment is not racially motivated. Somehow, you see building a wall as a method to combat gun violence.

    Can you explain the relationship between building a border wall and larger goals to decrease gun violence? Now, if your claim is grounded in a relationship between immigration and gun violence, please, provided some specific information/research that points towards your assertion.

    Also, you would be well off to review this website’s comment policy. I am all about hosting unpopular perspectives, as long as credible information can be pointed towards to support them.


    • Sean J-

      Okay, I get the wall metaphor. It represents security.

      But, border walls are not common practice for nation-states around the globe. Yes, Israel has one due to the consistent regional conflict. Yes, some portions of the densely populated U.S. Mexico Border have used walls long before President Trump.

      That being said, you have not provided any information that indicates immigrants disproportionately commit crimes. Considering the cost of building, maintaining, and staffing a border wall, we better have some damn good data to justify.

      Regarding Kathryn Steinle, yes, tragic, and a miscarriage of justice. But, anecdotal at best.

      Once again, I am very much open to taking a look at some data that points towards a relationship between violent crime and immigration. Please, pass some links along.

  2. Sean, the US has the highest number of gun-related injuries and fatalities -by far- in the world. Not Mexico. ALMOST ALL of the mass shootings we hear about are perpetrated by white males in this country. Maybe Mexico should build the wall to keep -us- out? If you’re so concerned about gun violence, perhaps you could direct your energies to where the real problems lie—in poor gun laws that allow any random idiot to own guns, especially assault weapons (which seem to be owned mostly be white makes, again). But maybe you’re not -actually- concerned with gun violence, but just like to direct hate at certain groups of people, even if your theory insist supported by facts?

  3. Interesting how white people still talk like this is their country. We brought a ton of gun violence here, from Europe and murdered millions of native american families, to call it our own. This land belongs to the brown skins…from Alaska to South America. Go home little whitemen.

  4. The sad fact is the Marijuana Culture has fostered and furthered the gang problem Mendocino county is currently experiencing. There are so many “illegal” guns in our community and there used as monetary trade towards our local export (M.J.) and every young buck on these streets (white,brown purple, green) is carrying for social status and because it’s become the new normal….sad to see this county continue to slide.

  5. Most gun crimes are committed by criminals who obtained the guns illegally and do not have permits. To argue that gun laws allow or even cause the gun crimes to happen, is ignorant. As argued many times, banning guns will only take guns out of the hands of people who own them *legally*, who aren’t criminals, who don’t murder people. And leave 10’s of thousands of guns in the hands of criminals who own unregistered guns. However I find these facts and this argument useless, as the anti-gun people live in constant denial.
    Also, while I strongly respect that Matt is in fact very objective, and does not seem to let his personal opinions or beliefs corrupt his news site or reporting, I’m not seeing his point in people having to prove that illegal immigrants commit a “disproportionate” number of these crimes.
    That some illegals do cross the border and commit violent gun crimes, including murder, is enough to vet everyone coming in and keep a wall up.
    For example, let’s say 1000 people start a commune up in the local hills. Two people started this commune. One of them wants a fence around their commune to keep others out, unless vetted, screened etc before allowing them in. The other does not want a fence, and wants to allow any and everybody in whenever they want. They agree to no fence.
    Within this commune they realize, before non-commune residents starting joining, that about 10% of the people are violent. With fists, knives, guns. But they don’t usually know who, it just happens, so there is little they can do to stop it. So a small percentage of people are dying, including children.
    Later, outsiders start to come in and join the commune. After a couple of years, through careful analysis, they realize that about 10% of the Newcomers, are violent.
    Now the number of original-commune residents who are dying, has gone up. Because the number of murderers has gone up. Because they allowed newcomers, without vetting or screening, or building a fence to help control it.
    The one of the two commune starters who wanted the fence speaks up: “You see? We allowed anybody in, now we have *more* of our friends, family, even our own children being murdered!”
    The second commune starter says: “Well, it’s not because we allowed more people in, because you can see a same number of our original members murders people, as the number of newcomers who murder.”
    Number one says: “Regardless, this still means *more* of ours are dying, including your sister’s 3 yr old daughter who was shot last month. So regardless of proportion of crimes per Originals and Newcomers, it still means that letting Newcomers come in without vetting, screening or discriminating means that more of our own family and friends are being killed….You see?”
    This is what people are talking about when they say they want a secure wall and intense vetting and screening. That while our own friends, family and “commune” may have a number of it’s own murderers, and that number/percentage may be the *same* as percentage of murderers from Newcomers…it STILL means more of our own friends family and neighbors are being murdered.
    Now if you are anti-border, anti-vetting etc, and you’re reading this and shaking your head, let me ask you this. If tomorrow, God forbid, one of your owned loved ones is killed. Your mother, son, sister, aunt. Killed. Dead. You’ll never see them again. And it’s found that the murderer was an illegal immigrant. Will you not realize the simple math? That the very reason this happened was, not because illegal immigrants murder at a higher rate than legal citizens, but because *some* illegal immigrants murder, and because we did not vet them, screen them, put them through a process, that this happened because….did not build up and secure the wall, and that allowed the illegal immigrant to easily cross over into the US, then into your family’s neighborhood, then into the home of your loved ones….?
    It is ridiculous to claim that people want a secure wall because they’re “racist”. (Matt didn’t claim this, but clearly this is the go-to claim on a daily basis by anti-wall folks). If you’re anti-wall, do you truly believe that if Mexicans were white, that people who lost loved ones to illegal White-Mexicans wouldn’t be just as heartbroken? Just as angry? Just as desirous of a wall and vetting process? You can’t really believe that, unless you’re willfully ignorant, or with ulterior motives.
    (and on this subject, it’s very notable that there are many…..many…legal Mexicans here who are pro-wall, and who argue, protest, and even attend city and county meetings to voice their pro-wall and pro-vetting opinions; yet I’ve never seen any anti-wall people call those Mexicans “racist”. Only claim racism when it’s *white* anti-wall people. Why is that? Right here in my neighborhood we have two Mexican families who are pro-wall, and will talk to you extensively about the Cartel and gangs coming through, and their own experience with such with their own families still in Mexico, and how they want a secure wall to keep them out and from harming their own families here in US).
    Why can’t anti-wall people stop and think, that pro-wall people are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, who see the reality of things and are simply concerned, worried that one of their own loved ones will be harmed, raped, murdered? If you’re anti-wall and going to turn what I just said into some rant about: “They don’t ALL rape and murder, in fact most don’t!!!!”….then you haven’t read what I just said.
    Never said most of them do it. Or even a lot of them. Said *some* of them do, and that in fact increases the chances of one of your own being harmed or killed, regardless of crime proportion per….if we don’t secure wall and vetting and let them in.
    And that’s enough for people, good people, who love their family friends and neighbors, to want a secure wall and a strict, thorough vetting and screening process in place.
    If you still don’t agree, that’s fine, you’re entitled to your feelings and belief. But are you willing to leave your doors and windows….your “border walls”…. open tonight? And tomorrow night? If not, why not? Is it because there’s a chance….just a *chance*….not a probability, but just a *chance*….that someone, white or brown, can enter, and harm or kill one of you or your family? If that’s your reason, maybe you’re a racist? If you argue, “but you said white or brown person, so I’m not racist”, I will argue, “nonetheless, because it’s 50/50 that the person may be be brown, and you locked the windows and doors to keep them out, then, according to your own anti-wall reasoning, you are, in fact, a….racist.” See how that kind of reasoning works?

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