Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Two More Mendocino County Residents Succumb to COVID-19


According to a series of press releases issued by Mendocino County Public Health this afternoon, two more County residents have died of COVID-19.

The county’s 68th casualty to the virus is reportedly a 53-year-old Willits man who was not vaccinated. The second reported death, and Mendocino County’s 69th death since the beginning of the pandemic is a 69-year-old Ukiah man who once again was not vaccinated.

According to Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren during his COVID-19 media update last Friday, September 10, 2021, Mendocino County’s unvaccinated populations continue to be particularly vulnerable to symptomatic COVID-19 and have made up the majority of recent deaths. 

[All photographs taken by Matt LaFever]

While Mendocino County’s number of fatalities continues to grow, this last Saturday a group of 40-50 residents gathered in Ukiah to express their dissatisfaction with the potential of vaccine mandates and skepticism of pandemic protocols.

Mendocino County Public Health is asking Mendocino County residents to “exercise caution when placing themselves in situations that could expose them to COVID-19, especially considering the new more infectious Delta variant.”

Public Health continues to encourage residents to “follow all CDC and CDPH guidance’s at this time. Vaccination, masking and social distancing remain the best options for combating the Covid-19 Virus.”

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Public Health did not provide any updates over the weekend regarding new positive cases identified in County residents. 

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  1. Question: How old are these two dead people? Were they in hospital due to some comorbidity terminal illness? Were these two deceased tested for Covid? Was the PCR test utilized. How much of a reimbursement is remunerated to the hospital from federal sources if the dead are listed as Covid, and not listed as the original reason for being hospitalized, such as pneumonia or cancer.

    • BBB, in answer to your questions, a patient entering the hospital with signs of covid is not turned away if there for a treatment such as surgery to address a major health issue. That patient is, however, considered to be a covid hospitalization regardless and regardless of the severity of symptoms which could be none to little to severe. A new study by the Harvard Medical School et. al. analyzed hospitalization data and concluded: “Roughly half of all the hospitalized patients showing up on COVID-data dashboards in 2021 may have been admitted for another reason entirely, or had only a mild presentation of disease.” Here is a link to a report on this by the Atlantic https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/09/covid-hospitalization-numbers-can-be-misleading/620062/?utm_medium=social&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=the-atlantic&utm_term=2021-09-13T18%3A49%3A45

      PCR tests with high CT thresholds are still in use until the first of the year. So, this covid test is thought to produce a high number of false positives. Moreover it cannot distinguish between covid and influenza fragments which probably explains why the number of flu cases is a fraction of normal.

      No unvaccinated person should apologize for using a hospital bed because for a long time beds went unused in anticipation of covid patients. My son told me this weekend that his best friend and former work colleague died of stage 4 cancer. When it was at stage 3,he tried to get surgery for it but was denied because there were no available beds.

      • Thank you for your reply. I have put off a number of “elective” medical treatments for some time due to the “Covid crisis.” My sinuses are a mess. I sneeze quite often. My eyes water. I cough on and off. Were I to go into hospital the diagnosis would be “Covid symptoms. It’s likely smoke related. If a Kary Mullis PCR test is run, given I am awash with some coronaviruses, the test means zero. But the entire weight of “protocol” will be invoked. You see, I do not believe this “Covid” is anything near to being a plague. It’s really a flu. Fauci and cohorts enhanced, but hardly the fright we are told. It’s real danger is to the elderly. Having done my due diligence to come to an informed decision, I choose not to be part of an experiment. Others can of course do as they wish. PCR is being partially phased out I believe on towards December 31. However, 33,000,000 Americans have been PCR’d and believe they were or are “Covid” positive. CDC won’t say these are false positives. “Covid” is a house of cards. It’s propped up by mass mainstream dissemination of a false narrative. No matter what new test these creators come up with, they have zero credibility from my perspective. I won’t get into Deborah Birx, cooking the books with that astonishing protocol change, counting terminal comorbidity deaths as “Covid.” But will say it’s tantamount to me entering hospital dying of stroke, contracting a cold, only to have my death certificate listed as “died from cold.” LOLS. Best regards.

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