City of Willits Enacts Stage 1 Water Conservations Seeking a 20% Reduction in Use

The following is a post published on the City of Willits’s Facebook Page:

[Photograph from Wikicommons]

Stage 1 Water Conservation –

At the July 28th City Council meeting our Public Works Director enacted the Water Conservation – Stage 1, Voluntary Conservation Ordinance.

The goal for Stage 1 is to achieve a 20% water reduction, meaning all city water customers are being asked to reduce outdoor irrigation, only water in the evenings and early morning hours (8:00pm to 7:00am), even addresses can irrigate outdoors Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, odd addresses irrigate on Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays, no outdoor irrigation on Mondays.

We’d like to thank the Willits community for you help to conserve water in this drought.

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  1. Is the City of Willits still selling water to privately owned water delivery tanker trucks for delivery to the public? If so, how much are they charging the trucker per gallon?

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