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Red, Yellow, Green: Mendocino County Orders Local Restaurants to Display Sign That Communicates COVID Risk in the Establishment as Four More COVID-19 Deaths Announced


Mendocino County Public Health announced yesterday evening that four more County residents have died of the COVID-19 virus. As the number of community deaths mounts, Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren is implementing a new health order requiring local restaurants to display signage to the public that indicates the level of risk the establishment represents based on its employee vaccination requirement and the whether vaccinated customers could eat inside or out. 

The four recently announced deaths make Mendocino County’s total lives lost to the virus 75. The 72nd death was a 66-year-old Gualala woman who passed away on September 12 while traveling in Riverside County who was reportedly fully vaccinated with “multiple comorbidities.” The 73rd death was an unvaccinated 79-year-old Ukiah man who passed away on September 17. The 74th resident to die from the virus was an 85-year-old woman who was reportedly fully vaccinated with multiple comorbidities who passed on September 17. The county’s 75th resident to pass away from the virus was a 98-year-old fully vaccinated Ukiah woman who passed away on September 20.

Dr. Coren said these deaths are occurring amidst a surge he associated with the Labor Day holiday. Regarding the vaccinated status of three of the four deaths, Dr. Coren said, “They were elderly with many comorbidities. Overall, however, vaccines are proven effective.”

Regarding the new Public Health Order Dr. Andy Coren has implemented, all businesses that serve food or drink indoors will be required to have one of three signs designed to represent the risks associated with that business’s precautions they are taking to limit the spread of the virus. 

Representatives of Stan’s Maple Cafe participating at a citizen-driven town hall event in which local businesses met with Dr. Coren to discuss vaccine mandates amongst their staff and the screening of customers [Picture by Matt LaFever]

In a press release published by Public Health, the three signs and the criteria to qualify for each were described below:

If employees are either vaccinated or test weekly AND patrons must be vaccinated to dine inside, that business will display a green sign. 

If employees are either vaccinated or test weekly but patrons do not need to be vaccinated to dine inside, that business will display a yellow sign. 

If the business has no knowledge of whether employees are vaccinated or if they test AND if patrons do not need to be vaccinated to dine inside, that business will display a red sign.

The press release asserts COVID-19 risk is heightened within enclosed spaces and an “even greater risk when not masked” so this colored system will “help consumers make smart choices about which restaurants and businesses are following best practices when it comes to slowing the spread of COVID-19.”

Mendocino County is not the first California county to adopt notices such as these. The press release goes so far as to say that counties such as Marin, Long Beach, Tulare, and Contra Costa counties passed “stricter regulations than Mendocino.” Within the press release, Dr. Coren is quoted as saying, “Our community members deserve to be free to choose what’s safe enough for them. This is only possible with transparency—which these signs accomplish.”

The order specifies that staff and customers within an establishment are required to keep their masks on except when eating and drinking. This order goes into effect on November 1, 2021. If businesses do not post these signs, “law enforcement could impose fines for non-compliance.” 

Dr. Coren states in the press release that non-food establishments have reached out to Public Health hoping to display one of these signs because “they are proud of their anti-covid practices and are posting a green sign!”

Stephanie Dunken, one of the owners of inland Mendocino’s Slam Dunk Pizza, said, “I feel that this lays things out for businesses to operate inside their comfort zone with the public, all while the consumer can make a decision to dine in or not.”

John Strangio, one of the owners of Ukiah Valley Athletic Club, said this public health order “gives people the information they need to make the comfortable choice for their families.” He added the order shows, “Dr. Coren being a real person trying to keep our community safe from COVID, at the same time listening to businesses and their struggles!”



    • He sounds just like his protégé!!! California Dictator Newsom. When are people going to wake up this isn’t about a flu. It’s about total government Tyranny and control !!

    • Let’s look at the four deceased: These are elderly people. Three are FULLY VAXXED. That’s odd. What happened to the protection from “Covid?” Two had co-morbidities and were likely in hospital due to terminal illnesses not “Covid” related. The 66, 85, and 98 year old deceased were fully vaxxed. The vaxx likely caused their deaths. The Remdesivir and intubation would certainly hasten an old person to exit stage left. If one asks which variant, one is told it’s illegal to tell the patient. I kid you not. Only one was unvaxxed, the 79 year old. 3 out of four were vaxxed!! Notice it’s old folk mostly, consistently, which is just like how the flu acts upon the old. This is not a virus to fear unless One is elderly. So why the BS to make life miserable and ruin economies over a nothing burger? Vaxxing kids? What!! Vaxxing babies next. What!! An experimental elixir, and parents are going to allow their kids to be shot up with it?? Get real!! Dr. Coren should be in an advisory role only. He should not have the authority to order any body to do anything, period. His orders/protocols are from the DC lair, the same institutions and criminal minds that are responsible for the gain of function creation of the “Covid” virus. Fauci, Dazak, Barrett, Collins, ought to be in jail.

      • This has to stop! They’re coming for our kids now. People wake up, especially mothers! And take the mask off your child! We are allowing them to abuse our children! If they really followed the science, they would realize covid for anyone under 18 is a nothingburger. It’s time for all of us who call ourselves Americans to stand up, enough is enough! We are talking about our children and grandchildren and even the life of the unborn. No more mandates! Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine both work!

  1. I would also like guaranteed that none of my servers or cooks have hepatitis a,b,or c. Uncontrolled AIDS or any other communicable disease. I would also like to know that all have been tested for street drugs. You know maybe also the last time that they were tested for any of the above. I would also like a list of antibiotics and medications that the animals they serve have been given and if there is glyphosate in my vegetables. Thanks for making sure I have a safe dining experience 🙄

  2. This is absolutely completely backwards. When has forced stratification of society ever been a good thing? This is a manufactured forced dichotomy. Stop this bullshit. They keep inching their way forced totalitarian tip toe it’s RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FUCKING EYES PEOPLE. They aren’t even hiding it. Wake the fuck up.

  3. Hey, this makes it easy! BOYCOTT all RED signs. Unless they don’t demand your “papers, please” Nazi-style, in which case, just ignore said sign.

    • First the Germans went after the Doctors and then they brainwashed their citizens then came the concentration camps. Our Dr’s are made to sound crazy if they speak other then what’s allowed of them and second they have been sending everyone into a state of psychosis with fear. Now you have to show your papers. Sounds the same to me. What am I missing?

  4. Maybe if people looked at the positives of getting vaccinated instead of trying to argue their reasons for not getting vaccinated none of this would have to happen.And to those of you comparing this to Nazi Germany, shame on you! You haven’t a clue!

    • i’d say alot of these folks have real good clue.
      where did you you get your degree in history?
      This shot violates everything in the Nuremberg code.
      That code has everything to do with Nazi Germany.
      with all due respect, you might want to look that one up.

  5. What? I don’t get it. I mean isn’t it a good thing to know who is who? A sign out front to identify folks? Seriously people, a basic order for folks to follow equally on the honor system of a free society, just isn’t the same.

    It will be no time before we can all have the comfort of pink triangles and yellow stars conveniently identifying who conforms and who does not. Besides, the majority of our solidly liberal community must appreciate the top-down authoritarian approach of working towards a “final solution”.

    What’s all the fuss?!

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