Vaccinated 96-Year-Old Fort Bragg Man Dies of COVID-19 Marking Mendocino County’s 76th Death

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:

Mendocino County Public Health has been notified of another Mendocino County resident who has been lost to the COVID-19 Virus. We send our condolences to his family and friends.

A 96 year old Fort Bragg man has been confirmed as Mendocino County’s 76th death. At this time Public Health asks all Mendocino County residents to exercise caution when placing themselves in situations that could expose them to COVID-19, especially considering the new more infectious Delta variant. Mendocino County Public Health asks that you follow all CDC and CDPH guidance’s at this time. Vaccination, masking and social distancing remain the best options for combating the Covid-19 Virus.

The individual in question was vaccinated.

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  1. 98? Wow. I bet he had other health issues. Even a bad cold or flu could dispatch someone of this age. Was a PCR test done? What co-morbidities did this person have?

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