‘Like It Or Not’ Hosts and MendoFever’s Matt LaFever Discuss Belief, Civic Dialogue, and the Ethics of Reporting

Please note: I have celebrated the “Like It Or Not” podcast throughout my coverage for Mendocino County, and am a big fan of what Drew and Carter offer our community. Thank you for hosting me gentlemen; I was humbled when you invited me to your studio and very much admire your approach and interview style. For the average MendoFever reader, hopefully, you can get a sense of me you would not necessarily get in my reporting. -Matt LaFever, Founder of MendoFever

Ukiah Natives Carter Lane and Drew Nicoll are producing a weekly podcast exploring all things Mendocino County called Like It or Not. Episodes are released weekly on Thursday mornings at 5:00 am and are available on all podcast platforms.

This week’s episode featured hosts Carter Lane and Drew Nicoll speaking with me, Matt LaFever, the founder and reporter behind MendoFever. Carter, Drew and I picked each other’s brains about our culture’s poverty of faith, the role of journalism, and the ethics of reporting on our local area.

Past guests of the podcast have included local musician Korey Ross, Financial Advisor Richard Kostas, Owner of Ukiah Valley Athletic Club Lauren Strangio, Pastor Mike Dyer, DJ and Juvenile Probation Manager Jack Seshwann, and Dr. Marvin Trotter.

The Like It or Not podcast can be downloaded on all mainstream podcast platforms.

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  1. I’ll listen but, man, never has a picture looked more “Bro-y” ever. Initial reaction? “Yeah, white dudes, there’s a voice we haven’t heard enough of.” But, being a Mendohead and openminded, I’ll give it a listen.

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