Mendocino County Code Enforcement Abates 337 Cannabis Plants in Ukiah Valley During August and September

Mendocino County’s Code Enforcement began publishing cannabis code enforcement efforts in May 2021. MendoFever will be republishing these releases for the public:

Abated Cannabis [Picture provided by Mendocino County Code Enforcement]

In the months of August and September 2021 the Mendocino County Code Enforcement Division conducted investigations regarding non-permitted commercial cannabis cultivation at the listed locations below in the Ukiah/Talmage areas. Any cannabis cultivation over the Medical or Adult Use exemption limit (as defined in Mendocino County Code Section 10A.17.030) is considered to be commercial cultivation. Please see the Mendocino County Code (MCC) Section 10A.17 for additional information.

Code Enforcement investigations confirmed that commercial cannabis cultivation was taking place at these locations without either a County Cultivation Permit or a State Cultivation License, and/or cultivation was taking place in violation of MCC Sec. 10A.17 requirements. It was determined that there were significant community quality of life concerns in these neighborhoods. The responsible parties abated the cannabis plants after Code Enforcement engagement.

8/11/21 – 200 Block of Laws Ave – 85 Cannabis plants abated

8/31/21 – 700 Block of Riverside Drive – 84 Cannabis plants abated

8/31/21 – 1700 Block of Talmage Road – 4 Cannabis plants abated

9/13/21 – 8200 Block of Feliz Creek Road – 80 Cannabis plants abated

9/20/21 – 1500 Block of Talmage Court – 84 Cannabis plants abated

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  1. It will be interesting to see if any of these abatement visits occur somewhere like Deerwood.
    The place reeks in several locations.

  2. The fact that the small guys are still the target of harassment just shows how ignorant our law/ compliance enforcers are. I spent two years living, not working, on a cannabis farm that was supposedly permitted and compliant. Sure they have a permit and look good when the compliance officer shows up. However, they run around constantly deceiving their permits. In reality, the compliance inspection happen maybe one time a year so anything goes in the meantime. I watched three full greenhouses get grown out and tarped with no tags, no metrc input, etc…, only black market weed. Hundreds of plants, not 4 or 80!!! With24 hours, these guys just hire huge crews to come in and get rid of anything not permitted. Making hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal grows. No cdfa needed, no permit needed, haha, what a joke!
    Quality of life concern?
    The grower down the road is permitted too. When compliance officers shows up they only go to the upper part of the acreage where it all looks good and compliant. However, they ignore going to the other half of the property where there are six illegal greenhouses and lord knows how many outdoor pots. Once again, enforcement has got a blind eye to the real problems we are facing as a county.
    Quality of life concern?
    Something to think about, as the county focuses resources on the little guys they dont make any money from vs the big rule breaking supposedly permitted growers who the dollars are flowing in from.
    These permitted farms, though mixed use for Ag, are smack in the middle of areas that used to be nothing but residential. Further, these residential lots never split due to lack of water. Now huge quantities of water use are ok for growers?
    Quality of life concerns?
    Did I mention alot of the people running around on said farms are Illegal immigrants??
    Ha, nothing to worry about, they got a PERMIT!

  3. Lame law enforcement officials guiding searches into city neighborhoods instead if the huge thousand plant Cartel grows in the hills. Tiny personal use grows abated…get em’s Johnny Law! Something stinks and it ain’t no killer skunk buds.

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