[UPDATE 11:37 p.m.] Crash Near Piercy Blocking One Lane of 101

A red Dodge Ram pickup truck crashed just before 11 p.m. near Piercy “in the three lane between Reynolds and Piercy just north of the bridge.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the driver states that they don’t know what they hit, but the vehicle is totaled.

An ambulance is responding to the accident scene.

Piercy and Leggett Fire Departments were dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE 11:31 p.m.: An air ambulance was requested and REACH 5 accepted the mission but won’t arrive on scene until after midnight.

UPDATE 11:37 p.m.: The air ambulance is being cancelled. The patient is being transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

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