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Mendocino County Physicians and Nurses Implore County Residents to Vaccinate Themselves Against COVID-19


The following is a letter-to-the-editor to the Mendocino County Community written by a consortium of local doctors and nurses. To submit a letter to the editor for consideration, please send to matthewplafever@gmail.com. Please consider including an image to be used–either a photograph of you or something applicable to the letter. However, an image is not necessary for publication.

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Sebastian Obergan, an EMT with MedStar, receiving his COVID-19 Vaccine [Photograph provided by the County of Mendocino]

We represent the Adventist Health Howard Hospital Medical Staff and the Willits medical community. Howard Hospital has been running for weeks around 140% capacity because of the Covid 19 delta surge. Our ICU is full and deaths are mounting. The cases are overwhelmingly non-vaccinated and increasingly younger. The medical and nursing staff are increasingly overwhelmed and exhausted. Help us.

We see the answer to this community emergency is vaccinations and then more vaccinations. Masking and distancing and hand sanitizing remain important but are dwarfed by the effect of vaccinations. We are presently at 57% fully vaccinated. This crisis has been created by just 7.8% of our population infected in the last 18 months. We have to protect the other 92% It is not a coincidence that the 3 counties with the lowest vaccination rates in our state have the highest case rates and the highest death rates–higher than any country on Earth. And the 3 counties with the highest vaccination rates have the lowest case rates.

We will not stop seeing all patients, Covid or not, in our hospital, our ER, and our clinics. But we have had to transfer patients elsewhere. We have had to postpone dozens of elective surgeries. We are tired.

We feel our Covid vaccines are very safe and very effective and long-lasting. Our county public health lists 50,500 vaccinated people with 339 documented post-vaccination infections for an average efficacy of 99.3% so far. We the medical community are overwhelmingly vaccinated. We are happy to talk with you about the vaccine. After reading the rumors all around you, talk to a health professional. Protect yourself, protect your family and loved ones, protect your community.

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Get vaccinated for free. Visit (county PHD website) or one of these 4 clinics giving free vaccines in Willits and Laytonville (Redwood Medical Clinic Adventist Health, Baechtel Creek Clinic, Little Lake HC, Long Valley HC)

John Glyer, MD
Ace Barash, MD
Carla Toms, MD
Claudia Petruncio, DO
Paul Charpentier, MD
Miriam Harris, MD
Jeremiah Dawson, MD
Bruce Andich, MD
Tedd Dawson, MD
Angus Matheson, MD
Juliet LaMers, MD
David Streeter, MD
James Dolan, MD
Pandy Denny, RN
Erica Baumker, CPNP
Barry Sheppard, MD
Cathy Chandler, RN
Henrietta Simonsson, RN
Jillian Koski, RN
Richard Schneider, NP
Michael Medvin, MD
Andrea McCullough, MD
Jenn Ramming, RN
Elizabeth Whipkey-Olson, DO
Lisa McCurley, NP
Debbie Marks, MD
Sharon Paltin, MD
Bev Draudt, NP
Jerry Douglas, MD
Joy Cagle, RN,
MSN Mariela Espinoza, RN
Judy Lemke NP
Ashley Baldwin, MA
Yalitza Carrillo, MA
Odalys Lara-Lopez, MA
Peter Cho, MD
Erin Henckell, RN
Richard Christopher, RN
Anne Retalick, NP
Monte Lieberfarb MD
Jillian Cipa-Tatum, DO
Candice Dolbier, DO
Shauna Demarquez
James Avalos NP
Lucy Perkins MD

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  1. Wow, you guys really are incredible you know that? I’ve been in the er 3 times and my friend was in an accident and also has been there a few times over the last month and oh man, you guys are really good at hiding all the patients you have overwhelming you because we didn’t see hardly anyone! And you really kept me calm by pretending it wasn’t a big deal when I came in with covid symptoms. Didn’t even separate me or nothing! Good job!!

  2. If your unvaccinated by choice and get Covid 19 then you go on the bottom of the list. Elective surgeries, scheduled appointments and emergency room patients go first. Hope you survive the wait in your car because they shouldn’t be inside the hospital until they are able to be seen. Goodluck you hardass dumb idiots. Wait for the reaper…on the county it’s cheaper! Fair is fair Covid 19 queens.

    • Gee, my health insurance premium is paid up. I see nothing in the policy stating I am a second class citizen deserved of mistreatment and denied full hospital care. Did you get the vaxx and boosters? So, what is our worry. Are you not fully protected from the “Covid” flu? I don’t want the brew in my body. So cease seeking to coerce and threaten free choice. My body is God’s Temple. It’s not a repository for the profit-motivated Big Pharma/Public Health mafia.

    • Time to read up on the fact sheets from the FDA Larry.
      (Bottom of page 5)


      Under the EUA, it is your choice to receive or not receive the vaccine. Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care.

      So stick to the guidelines Larry and check your facts before posting “conspiracy theories”.

  3. was there today. i am not a frequent flier, just the luck of the draw. the staff was wonderful and most professional…blessings to all of them. however, the place was empty.
    i did not dare ask for fear of starting a fist fight. is the stab mandatory for hospital staff? i hope not, for their sake.
    sadly it appear the good fellow EMT on the top of this article had no choice per the board of stupervisors meeting i’m watching now. to all county employees i would not get the stab if i were you. this health officer Dr. Coren (sp) sure knows how to pour on the bravo sierra.

    in the words of a call in to the county super meeting “who else is paying Dr. Coren”?
    ditto that sister!!!!!

    • The Jonestown jabbers have killed off tens of thousands of the elderly. Massive genocide. In Britain the public health monster utilized Midazolam. Here the NIH/Fauci drug of choice is Remdesivir. Shoving a ventilator down the throats of the most vulnerable (elderly) destroying the liver and other organs, filling up lungs with fluid, and labeling the death “Covid” when they actually went into care due to a terminal cancer, stroke, pneumonia, Easy pickings to create a false first wave “Covid” number. Cooked books. It’s disgusting. And then there is the new mental derangement that wants to treat unvaxxed free thinkers as worthy to be denied medical treatment. How far will this go? The NAZIS went all the way. Link:


  4. Misinformation alert! 99.3% efficacy would only be the case if all 50,500 vaccinated Mendocino residents were exposed to the virus, and only 339 contracted the virus. Maybe these “doctors” should stick to changing bedpans and leave the statistics to the professionals. The vaccine is certainly not 99.3% effective, c’mon people.

  5. Please support your globalist pharmaceutical cartels. Join the booster of the month club. Question nothing and do as you are told. Be good slaves because your government hes your best interest in mind. And don’t forget to live in fear and wear your face diaper everywhere as a sign of your compliance.

  6. How sad it is to see these misinformed folks denegrating our heroic health care workers, spreading hateful and untrue claims. Matt, you need to monitor the comment section so that your blog does not become another force agaimst the science and effacacy of our vaccine efforts! Michael Bonnifield

      • How do you determine a bogus site?
        What are the “bogus sites”?
        The sites I see mentioned:
        Citizen Free Press, it is a news aggregate site. Governor DeSantis reads it everyday. Doubt Citizen Free Press is a bogus site.
        Bitchute is a free speech platform. It is free from censorship by the tech oligarchs Facebook, Google (YouTube) and Twitter.
        That leaves the FDA website.

        Thankfully we have the freedom to do our own research avoiding the medical censorship, manipulation and bullying by our government, Facebook, Google (YouTube) and Twitter.
        If it wasn’t for sites like Citizen Free Press we might not find out about therapeutic treatments being prescribed around the world and in small sections of America.
        We may not know about new findings on existing medicines that show promise to mitigate covid symptoms, like statin drugs (UCSD report). Citizen Free Press reports on stories like this as well as the ivermectin protocol, HCQ protocol, vaccine adverse reactions and the manipulation of covid data.
        Anyone can read the articles, search other sites to prove or disprove the information, ask questions and make one’s own best decision regarding the covid vaccine and treatments. It requires effort and critical thinking.
        Being told to obey and do not ask questions is tyranny.
        The people who ask questions and have concerns about covid vaccines or therapies are bullied, called names, threatened, canceled, stereotyped and judged by the tyrannical mob.
        This is where we are, medical tyranny and it is worldwide.
        People being arrested for not wearing masks. Doctors being arrested for prescribing ivermectin. People banned on social media for providing information on covid vaccines or treatments our government and media do not approve of.
        Asking questions and encouraging dialogue with varying ideas is good.
        It used to be called brainstorming, civil dialogue, reasoning and finding solutions to a problem.
        This is what a free Country does. This is freedom of speech and freedom of thought.
        We need more brainstorming and less bullying.
        The Golden Rule, not mob rule, is more important than ever.
        Do unto others as you would have have others do unto you.

  7. Howard Hospital worker here, last I checked we had THREE covid patients in our ICU and one was fully vaccinated. This is all part of the propaganda operation to make us believe that unvaccinated people are to blame. Still, there is little consideration for natural immunity, which is proven to be more effective than artificially induced vaccine immunity. If you ever see the name Jerry Douglas, you know it’s BS. Our hospitals are not overflowing, in fact it’s been pretty calm at all three mendo sites.

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