Dead Body Found in Trunk of Car Northeast of Covelo

Yesterday afternoon, Covelo social media began to stir with reports of a significant law enforcement presence on Mendocino Pass Road including Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office deputies and State Parks law enforcement.

MCSO’s Captain Greg Van Patten has confirmed that the law enforcement investigation resulted after a deceased person was found in the trunk of a vehicle. The vehicle was found parked on the 27000 block of Mendocino Pass Road northeast of Covelo.

Captain Van Patten said he has yet to receive a full report on the discovery and we will update the article when more information becomes available.

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    • Hey Mike. This was the first story about the discovery of the body and at that point we had not received official confirmation the body was discovered by a Game Warden.

      Regarding “repeating Mendo Fevers story,” though we appreciate you looking out for us and making sure no one is copy/pasting our content, this is MendoFever. We’ve now had three separate stories regarding the discovery and each one builds on each other. If there seems to be some repeating content between the three, that is for the sake of some readers who did not read the initial reports and need caught up.

      Appreciate your readership!

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