[UPDATE: Hwy 101 Reopened]Semi Full of Soil Roll Over North of Ukiah Closes 101

Semi full of soil overturned on Hwy 101 south of Willits. [Photos by Brandon Lawson]

At approximately 1:48  p.m., a semi full of bags of Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil overturned near post maker 39 on southbound Hwy 101 just north of Golden Rule south of Willits on Ridgewood Grade.

The semi spilled the contents of its trailer across the southbound lanes.

According to the CHP, the occupant received moderate injuries and southbound Hwy 101 is closed possibly until 4:30 p.m.

Semi full of soil overturned on Hwy 101.
Semi full of soil overturned on Hwy 101.
Semi full of soil overturned on Hwy 101.
Semi full of soil overturned on Hwy 101.

UPDATE 4:33 p.m.: According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, southbound traffic has been diverted to the northbound side of the freeway while workers are endeavoring to remove the semi and its contents.

UPDATE 6:51 p.m.: According to a press release from the California Highway Patrol, Hwy 101 is completely reopened.

Please remember that this story is unfolding. Information is being reported as we gather it. However, some of the information coming from witnesses and initial official reports could be wrong. We will do our best to get the facts but, in the case that something is inaccurate, we will update with correct information as soon as we can.

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  1. Been watching these big rigs flying down 101 going an excess of 70MPH between Hopland and Willits, and they will continue to until CHP does something about it. How many times have I mentioned this now?

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