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Authorities Determine Decomposed Body Found in Vehicle Northeast of Covelo was a Murdered Man From ‘Out of the Area’


Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Captain Greg Van Patten told us that an autopsy has been conducted on the body found in the trunk of a vehicle on 27000 block of Mendocino Pass Road on October 3, 2021. Results of the autopsy have determined that the body was that of an adult male who had been murdered.

Captain Van Patten said the investigation of the victim’s murder will be “time-consuming” because of its complexity and the fact the circumstances surrounding the man’s death seem to be a “body dump type of murder.”

The victim has been identified, Captain Van Patten explained, but the next-of-kin have yet to be notified 

Investigations into the murder are ongoing by Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives which have included “locations outside of Mendocino County,” Captain Van Patten added.

A Fish and Wildlife Warden located the deceased body on the afternoon of October 3 in the trunk of a vehicle parked along the roadside. Initial details regarding the individual were scant due to the state of decomposition it was found.

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  1. Covelo is (was) a beautiful place to live until law enforcement completely abondoned us to the cartels. We used to have resident deputies. A couple years back they pulled one who was very well-liked from our community, hardly ever come to town, and things have gone to hell. Arson fires have burned the “downtown” and the only sit-down restaurant. They “had leads” but the arsonist was never caught.

    • Yep. For thirty years I have observed this valley go to hell. Arson is rampant. Most of the downtown area has been burned to the ground. Cleaning up the eyesores is always half-assed. I rarely go to “town.” It’s a visual affront. The one bar in town should be put out of business. It’s a dive that caters to fist fights and murder, spared by the pyromaniacs. The mess is instructive. This is what a drug culture does to a community. Many good people have moved away because of the law enforcement issues. The county DA operates a catch and release policy. We do not need seat belt checks, and tail light issues as priority enforcement. Go after the punks, the meth and fentanyl dealers. Keep the offenders IN JAIL!!

  2. When Trump was president everything was perfect in Covelo! Damn Commie Democrats attacking the Capitol….opps that was Trumpians..

    • The mayhem inside the House of Ill Repute was orchestrated by deep state assets. You can start your tutorial by searching out John Earle Sullivan. He was one of the ringleaders. There were many more, all known to be government assets. Some were arrested and released. Sullivan founded the Utah chapter of BLM.

  3. When the Forest Service stopped management, and timber harvesting, the timber jobs went away for Covelo. Most of those capable of leaving, did. This happened 30 years ago. What we see today is the result. Covelo’s situation isn’t unique.

    • Management? Clear cutting is not “management. They took the best, and blamed the environmentalists for leaving. The Forest Service was complicit. They moved on to Borneo. The term “harvesting” is interesting. It implies the harvest was a result of having planted those trees. The reality is had there been actual sustained logging management the local economy would still be benefiting. The logging company came in, took, and left. They got the money, we got some temporary jobs, and disappeared Salmon. Financialization of the US economy, moving jobs to China and other slave-wage nations, is the main culprit for the looting of Main Street, USA. Everywhere in my limited travels, small town America is crumbling. The riggers just gave the Ponzi schemers another $15 trillion. We get the debt.

  4. ?
    What did people think was gonna happen when God was asked to leave us to govern ourselves? When He was kicked out of America!
    When our moral compass (The Ten Commandments) was ripped from the courthouse and schoolhouse walls! When prayer was banned in our public schools.


    As for me & my house, we’re gonna serve The Lord!

    Come hell or high water!

    Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! JC

    God still loves you. As long as you’re still alive , it’s not too late to turn and seek God with all your heart. That’s when you’ll find Him.

    It takes a live fish to swim upstream. You’ll have to swim upstream, but hey, any old dead fish can float downstream to Hell and destruction.

    As in “Go with the flow, ya know?


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