Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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41 New Cases of COVID-19 Identified in Mendocino County


The following is Mendocino County’s information published on the County website regarding the most recent updates to the County’s COVID-19 dashboard. Other information regarding the virus amassed by MendoFever’s Judy Valadao is below the information provided by the county:

Mendocino County COVID-19 Dashboard from October 12, 2021

41 additional cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Mendocino County, bringing the total to 7,358.

*****Actualización Diaria COVID-19 de ayer –12/10/2021Se han identificado 41 casos adicionales de COVID-19 en el condado de Mendocino, con un total de 7,358.

  • OCTOBER 9th 10th 11th and 12th, 2021
  • 3 AGES 0-5 YEARS
  • 7 AGES 6-12 YEARS
  • 2 AGES 13-18 YEARS
  • 12 AGES 19-34 YEARS
  • 10 AGES 35-49 YEARS
  • 1 AGES 50-64 YEARS
  • 6 AGES 65+ YEARS
Mendocino County Region Chart
Mendocino County Zip Code Chart


  1. The deranged globally distributed Christian Drosten PCR test is incapable of detecting a single virus, pathogen, or disease. No PCR test on this planet can detect any “pathogen”. The fraudulent PCR test is the foundation that supports the entire house of cards referred to as the pandemic. Kary Mullis, inventor, received the Nobel Prize. He unequivocally states this fact. Unfortunately he died of ‘pneumonia’ four months before the official acknowledgement that a flu like virus was created at Wuhan. Actually the latest understanding is the “Covid” flu was already here in the US as early as May 2019. The “coincidentally” prophetic Event 201 was held in October 2019. Kary Mullis is on the record.. His commentary can be found on Rumble, Brand New Tube, and or bitchute. Search it out.

  2. So… on one side you have loopy liberals thinking masks will save us all, strutting around glowing with moral superiority for hiding in a hole like Kaczynski himself. Then we have walleyed conservatives insisting China’s debacle doesn’t exist at all while they blast out snot rockets on frightened old folk as they are being shuffled off to the ventilator in full denial. Followed by a thick stench of satisfied liberal smug.

    Ultimately these political extremists have more in common than they like to admit. The echo chambers of their ideologies are poisoned with psychological warfare from the (now dramatically expanded) Chinese “double coin” army of internet trolls and CCP funded conspiracy theories.

    American vaccines work. Pretty well at least. And for now. Though “99.203%” is a blatant deception. Public health protocols do not “work”, they never were expected to “work”. They were only expected to slow things down. Conservative intransigence, or arrogant liberal strutting and power trips do NOT work. Neither group is following CDC or CDPH guidelines, which are remarkably pragmatic- especially by California’s fundamentally dysfunctional standards.

    • There is another world about which most people have not a clue. A group of over 150 international attorneys are conducting a massive investigation into what they claim via evidence, a global criminally contrived “Covid” disaster. They are not ideological. Except to say truth is their ethos.

      The lead attorney, Reiner Fuellmer, is well known and respected. Attached is a video interview by Swedish Indy TV. It starts out in German or Swedish, and then into English. Both men are fluent. Slide to the 10:58 mark. From there to the end are the facts and circumstances as they understand it.

      Could a plot this massive be pulled off and so many be deceived? Yes. Control the narrative controls the perception. Which suggests they hold most if not all the cards. They can flip flop, move the goal post on the field, and convince billions to take five, nay ten jabs. Flatten the curve. LOLS.

      Most people would think no force could be this evil. How quickly we forget the deceit visited upon the German People from the NAZI rise to power. In our era the deceit is global. We are witness to a global technocratic coup d’ etat. In a real sense this is an internationalist corporate takeover. The “great reset” to “build back “better”. Covid is their entry point like a metastasizing cancer. These perps utilize a fake PCR test as the foundation upon which to construct the fraud.

      I would suggest the supply chain chaos is not organic but by the same perps. That which control the narrative are the same that own everything worth owning. We purchase their products, fuel, medicines and vaxxcines, they own the container ships, goods and services. We watch and listen to their media. Their movies. A handful of mega conglomerates and their holding companies own and control it all.

      During the past few decades from Clinton forward the ‘barbarians at the gate’ merged, shipped US manufacturing overseas, and consolidated into huge HUGE global corporate monopolies. All made possible by the digital age. They have us by the short hairs. These are the technocrats. This is their coup with the assistance of politicians and ignorant people who trust and obey. Normalcy bias creates willful blindness. Link:

      • The Bible foretold of what’s happening today. It’s called prophecy. It’s a world reset alright. We “Christians” call it The New World Order”. The “Mark Of The Beast”. It’s here now! It’s a scary time. It’s also a very amazing time. Hollywood has been feeding humans their version of these events for many decades. And people have been eating it up. Only they don’t care to portray God The Father in His glory with all power and authority. It’s a war people. You have been deceived. By satan. If you receive this mark (if you haven’t already) you will be eternally lost and damned. Separated from The One True God for eternity. Those to whom God is speaking to through this comment need to get a copy of an old King James Bible and a dictionary ( or google) and start in the book of John in the new testament. Ask this Jesus into your heart. There’s really not much time. Find a Bible believing church and start attending. Disclaimer; a lot of Christians are not aware as well and need to wake up. (Pray and read their Bibles and recognize the times) God bless you… and God speed.

  3. Please watch this video that I came across in this last hour. It’s about 5 months old but very relevant. As are ALL of God’s prophecies throughout the Agassi.

    Look up Pastor Henry Hildebrandts video titled
    (Police/Sheriff lock the doors of the church) On YouTube.

    This church was locked by police! This man is clearly a prophet of The One True God. Father God the Creator.

    Pick your side. Christians are not violent people. But now the true Christians will be separated from fake Christians (I know that’s harsh) that’s why I keep begging people to wake up and get their hearts right with Jesus Christ.

    A must watch for anyone in Law Enforcement.

    God Bless You.


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