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Fort Bragg Police Release Image of Vehicle Suspected in Monday’s Hit and Run That Left Fort Bragg Man with Head and Face Injuries

The white vehicle in the center of this image is suspect of hitting a Fort Bragg man on Monday causing injury and fleeing the scene [PIcture provided by the Fort Bragg Police Department]

Yesterday,the Fort Bragg Police Department released an image of the vehicle suspected in a hit and run collision with a pedestrian on the morning of Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

According to a Facebook post on the FBPD’s Facebook page, investigators continue to interview witnesses and review surveillance footage of the intersection of Main Street and Oak Street where a 39-year-old Fort Bragg was struck causing significant injuries to his face and head.

The suspect vehicle is described as the “white vehicle pictured center,” by the Fort Bragg Police Department. Though FBPD did not release a make and model of the vehicle, social media comments and a comparison with photographs of the 2018-2020 Subaru Outback bear a striking resemblance to the vehicle portrayed in the image.

As to the injuries suffered by the 39-year-old, his sister-in-law Grace Potter told us he was in the hospital for four hours on Monday and was able to return home that evening. Potter said, “most of the injures are to his face/head” including a fractured orbital, broken front teeth, significant cuts/scrapes on his face, a possible concussion, and shoulder pain.

The FBPD Facebook post urged “the driver or owner of this vehicle to contact the department immediately.” If anyone has information, they are asked to contact FBPD Officer Lopez at 707-964-0200 and Reference case # FA21001047.

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  1. Can be shocking how people behave. Friend of mine was hit up town, threw her across the street into the gutter. Scraped and bloody as the driver got out and yelled at her and blamed her. Another friend was hit on his bike, knocked him off with injuries, woman got out and yelled at him. Another friend at north Mcdonalds riding across parking lot, guy came around the corner, friend slammed brakes but too late, went head first into guy’s door, almost knocked him out…guy yelled at him for damaging his car. Now this in Ft Bragg with serious injuries. Can’t imagine behaving this way if I ever hit someone with my car, neither would most people.

    • It appears that the car in this picture is not the car. It also appears that you made loads of assumptions about the driver, his intentions, his contemplations , etc. That’s why facts are important and assumptions are not. Now we learn the truth through getting the facts. Learning that the driver is a 91 year old man who had no knowledge of having hit the man makes this letter from FBPD sound unprofessional and ridiculous. Facts matter!

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