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One Arrested After Elderly Man Punched in the Face and Struck with a Bike on Ukiah’s Rail Trail, Says UPD


The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Alden R.B. Larvie [Mugshot provided by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

On 10/07/2021 at about 2:15 PM, Ukiah PD Officers were dispatched to the area of Cleveland Lane and the Great Redwood Trail (GRT) regarding an assault. Officers arrived in the area and contacted the adult male victim. The victim had a laceration on his forehead, which was actively bleeding, and several areas of swelling on his head. The victim stated he was walking on the GRT and passed an adult male (suspect), who was on a  bicycle. The victim continued walking and entered the vacant field, which is located east of the GRT and south of E. Perkins Street. The suspect approached him and told him he could not be in that area. The victim told the suspect that the suspect did not own the property. The suspect punched the victim in the center of his face,  causing his eyeglasses to break. The victim believed the suspect was holding something in his hand, when he was punched in the face, but could not describe what this item was. The suspect then struck the victim with his bicycle.  

The victim provided a description of the suspect and said he was last seen riding the bicycle on the  GRT. The victim desired prosecution and initially declined medical treatment. Officers began canvasing the area and located Larvie near Safeway. Larvie was in possession of a bicycle that matched the description provided by the victim, as well as matched the physical description of the suspect. Larvie was known to  Officers and was found to have three Misdemeanor warrants for his arrest from this county. Larvie was detained without incident. Larvie was wearing a large metal ring that had a screw pointing outward away from  the ring. Larvie admitted being in an altercation with the victim. The victim positively identified Larvie as the suspect.  

Larvie was placed under arrest for 245(A)(1) PC and the three warrants. He was transported to the  MCSO Jail where he was held with a bail of $30,000.00. The victim sought medical treatment for his injuries. 



  1. Another recalcitrant with a rap sheet. Three so-called misdemeanors. What was each of those about? Other assaults? One wonders if the nut has a secret pot grow somewhere in the area of the assault. Get this guy off the street and out of the community. No bail. Lock him up!! But it’s not going to happen. The DA will release this punk in a matter of days.

  2. This is appalling that this is happening. It could’ve been me and my dog. But i always carry bear spray. Dude woulda been sprayed n’ hogtied…ready for the cops to pick up. ‘Book him Dano’.

  3. I’m the geezer who was assaulted on Oct 7 and this was the second time Mr Larvie attacked me. Police ignored my report Feb 23 2019 when Mr Larvie threw stones at me with a Davidic sling like the one used to kill Goliath.
    I’m a 68 year old US Marine and very capable of killing an attacker but do not believe violence ever produces the desired result.

  4. I went to court for Mr Larvie’s hearing and discovered Police had only received summons the day before. This was over 3 weeks after the assault. DA called me to the stand as complaining witness because police could not make it. If I had not been there Alden Larvie would have been released with charges reduced to misdomeanor. Next court date is Nov 26
    I’m nobody so justice is not important in this county.
    Douglas Wayne Coulter AKA nobody
    170 Cleveland Ln Apt 209 Ukiah, Ca. 95482

  5. Mr Larvie is back on the street after they dropped felony charges. If they caught him with a bag of drugs they would not drop a felony but he attacked a senior of no importance. I’m non-essential personnel


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