Friday, August 12, 2022
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To the Unidentified Hit and Run Driver Who Caused Serious Injuries in Fort Bragg: ‘When We Identify You, It Will be Too Late to Apologize’


The following is a press release issued by the Fort Bragg Police Department:

To the driver of the vehicle that struck and injured the young man at the intersection of Oak Street and Main Street on October 12th, 2021 at 11:18 a.m., the Fort Bragg Police Department would like to offer you the opportunity to come forward and take responsibility for your actions. We know you almost stopped and returned to the scene, that you drove around the block and sat outside CVS Pharmacy, contemplating returning.

Today, we are contacting the auto dealerships in the area to obtain a list of all local vehicles matching your vehicle’s make and model. We will be using this information to go to each residence and check each vehicle. We also have multiple images of your vehicle from multiple surveillance cameras. We are following your vehicle both before and after the collision across multiple cameras throughout our community, assumedly back to your home or place of work. Those images from those cameras have been forwarded to local, State, and Federal agencies in an attempt to identify the license plate on your vehicle. In short, we are confident that we will have you identified by the end of the weekend.

When we identify you, it will be too late to apologize for your actions or to ask the community to forgive you. You will have no moral recourse as to why you chose to hide, and there will be no defense that you did not know you were involved in a collision. While we are unable to promise you leniency during the prosecution process if you do come forward, we can offer you the moral defense that you made a bad decision and panicked, but you are now coming forward to make things right.

The young man that you struck with your car was seriously injured and will likely be scarred for the rest of his life, both physically and emotionally. Even more disappointing is this same young man was the victim of a violent crime recently, and the faith this victim and his family have in this community is still healing. We are certain that you coming forward will assist in that healing process, both for them and yourself.

Finally, to the community of Fort Bragg, we would ask you to share this press release, both digitally and in person. Copies of this press release are available at the Police Department to be shared with those community members that may not regularly access the internet or social media. We also will have printed images of the suspect vehicle for release. Our hope is that someone will recognize their family member or neighbor’s vehicle and reach out to them to come forward.

All members of our Department are working on this case, and you may reach out to any of them at 707-964-0200 if you have information related to this investigation. Anonymous tips may be left at 707-961-2800 ext. 135.



  1. What is wrong with people?! I would have stopped if I ran over an animal… prayers to the victim & hoping for a quick recovery. ❤️

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